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You Might Be A Floridian If…

Infographic for Florida natives

Florida. The Sunshine State. America’s very own sauna. If you were fortunate enough to grow up in such an emotionally unstable state, you know that second statement could not be further from the truth. If you understand that much, you will definitely be nodding your head as you read through the rest of these. You might be a Floridian if…. Knowing the …

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4 Most Up-and-Coming Cities in Florida

  Of course you know about Miami and Orlando, but what about the other cities in Florida? Many people tend to stick to the top three most popular places in Florida and forget what the rest of Florida has to offer. So, let’s take a look at some of the up and coming cities in Florida that you need to …

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6 Must-Visit Tampa Coffee Shops

bandit coffee tampa coffee shop

Locals are starting to take notice of the growing coffee scene here in Tampa Bay, something that is becoming firmly rooted in community and bringing people together. Whether you’re local or visiting, here’s a round up of some the best Tampa coffee shops. Buddy Brew Coffee, Various Locations Buddy Brew (code name BBC) is a staple here in Tampa. With locations …

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6 Places All Florida Natives Should Visit This Summer

title graphic - best summer locations in florida

When people think of Florida, they think of our beautiful beaches as well as our amazing natural springs. Makes sense. But, what you don’t know if that Florida is full of amazing attractions that don’t necessarily have you sitting on the beach in your bathing suit. Here are some of the places in Florida you should definitely check out this summer. …

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8 Reasons Florida is the Best State in the US

florida sattelite image with text overlay "the best state"

We all love the states that we come from, but seriously, Florida is one of the best states in the USA. Are we biased? Sure. Do we have a reason to be? Hell yes. We know you’re going to start listing off the fact that it’s known as an “old people” state, but if you push yourself past the retirees, …

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Question: Where’s the best place to live in Florida?

sunset behind some trees in hudson florida

There is no shortage of Florida cities to live and prosper, so we wanted to find out the best place to live in Florida. We decided to ask our loyal fans, here’s what we got: As you can see, there are varying opinions on the best place to live in Florida, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Did we …

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10 Best Beaches in Florida

picture of fort lauderdale beach

  So you want to hit up a beach but don’t know where to go? We get it. Florida has a lot of beaches but you should know what some of the best beaches are. That’s why we’re here. So, get your flip flops and beach bag ready, here’s a list of the top 10 Florida beaches 1. St. Petersburg …

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10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

Florida gator fans holding up natural light beers

Florida’s population is diverse enough for the state to be it’s own country. The Sunshine State has always been a zoo of cultures dating back to it’s founding years. Florida has been controlled by Spain, Great Britain, the Confederacy, France and the United States in it’s history. These cultural roots are still reflected in modern day Florida all across the …

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10 Best Cities To Live In Florida

Cartoon postcard of Florida depicting the landmarks and cities of the sunshine state

  From swampland to white sand beaches, Florida has a very diverse living area. Although the weather is unpredictable, exotic animals roam neighborhoods and majority of the people are absolutely insane, Florida is a pretty great place to live. That statement is proven by the thousands of Northerners that flock to The Sunshine State every year. Although these snowbirds reside in the …

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