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5 Essential North Florida Restaurants You Have to Visit

picture of pizza from satchels in florida

Everyone loves a delicious meal. If you’re up in the North Florida area, you’ll want to know where a good place is to grab a bite. You have the beautiful weather and turquoise water, now all you need is some tasty food. We have you covered. Below, are some of the best places to go in the North Florida area. …

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6 South Florida Restaurants Where You Can Eat Like a King

suviche dish from south florida

While we love our tanning and beach days, people sometimes overlook the amazing food we have in this state. Among many of Florida’s strong qualities, the food certainly isn’t lacking. So, if you live in Soflo and are looking for a tasty bite to eat, then we have you covered. Here are six of the best South Florida restaurants.   You …

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6 Amazing Central Florida Restaurants That Will Blow You Away

stock photo of a delicious burger

In Florida we’re all about the sunshine, the beach and of course, the food. While it’s easy to go to Chipotle or Publix – variety is always a good thing. Don’t know where to go though? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the 6 of the best Central Florida restaurants. What can we say about this place – …

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Florida Man Wakes from Coma, First Words: “I Want Taco Bell”

florida man who woke up from a coma and requested taco bell

In today’s edition of “Priorities” we’ve got a Florida man who was craving the luxurious taste of fast food tacos after waking up from a 48 day coma. Jake Booth has served his days as an Army Veteran and sheriff’s deputy and suffered from a heart attack after being admitted into the hospital for pneumonia. After doctors pondered whether or …

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