DIY Halloween Costumes: Floridian Edition

Fall has officially begun in Florida, and Halloween is just days away. In true Halloween spirit we have put together a list of the funniest and “spookiest” Floridian Halloween costume ideas of 2017. All of these costumes are DIY, and guaranteed to get laughs or screams from all true Floridians.

1. Florida Man

The “Florida Man” costume is the ultimate Floridian Halloween costume. This idea can be done many different ways, just search “Florida Man” on Google and decide which Florida Man news story you want to be for the night. Pair your Florida Man news story of choice with an orange jump suit for the full costume experience. Just don’t commit your Florida Man crime at the end of the night.

Bonus: Take all of your Halloween pictures like mugshots.

Florida Man costume

2. Hurricane Irma

This costume is sure to blow your friends away at your Floridian Halloween parties.

Don’t want to go to your boring friend’s Halloween party? Simply say your trajectory changed at the last minute and you hit another party! No one ever really knows where hurricanes are headed.

If you break anything at the party or cause a mess, just blame it on the costume.

Friend: “You broke the window, ripped the bushes out of our yard and flooded the bathroom.”

Irma Costume: “Sorry, it was apart of my costume. I was a being a real category 5 last night.”

Hurricane Halloween Costume

3. Left Over Hurricane Irma Debris

Is your significant other dressing as Hurricane Irma? Make it a couples costume with this hilarious hurricane duo Halloween costume. Nothing goes together like a hurricane and the debris left behind two months later. If you really want to fill the role of your costume, simply lay on the couch and don’t move the entire party.

Bonus: If you fall asleep at the party, no one will bother you, or pay any attention to you for a while.

Hurricane Debris costume idea

4. Blind Weatherman

“As you can see here, the weather will be in the low 70s with a very little chance of rain.” This halloween costume is similar to the Blind Referee, with a Floridian twist. You can say whatever you want in the Blind Weatherman costume, because no Floridian will believe you anyways.

Blind News reporter

5. The Eye Sore On I-4

Is your budget running low for this year’s Halloween costume? This half completed Floridian Halloween costume is perfect for you!

DIY Costume Tips: Wear blue jeans, and a blue shirt, and stand in the middle of the room until someone asks what you are supposed to be. Answer however you’d like, because no one knows what’s really going on with this building anyways.

You’ll even get to wear this costume year after year since The Eyesore On I-4 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Eye Sore on I-4

6. Snowbird-Busters

Halloween costumes are great because you can dress up as something that you’ve always wanted to be. Tired of Snowbirds migrating to The Sunshine State every year? The Snowbird Busters costume is the perfect Floridian Halloween costume for you.

Tip: Use this Floridian quiz to track down the Non-Floridians on Halloween night


7. Angry Publix Deli Butcher

This Floridian Halloween costume was inspired by the Publix customer that ordered six chicken tender subs at 9:50 pm on Halloween night. A Publix associate’s apron, butcher knife and fake blood will complete this outfit. If you see the Angry Publix Deli Butcher costume at your local Halloween party don’t ask them which Publix sub is on sale this week.

Publix butcher

8. Rick Scott

This costume can be scary to some Floridians, and a hero to others. We’ll let you decide how you want to assume the role of this costume.

Although, nothing is scarier than increasing taxes.

Florida Governor Rick Scott

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football Fan

Being a Buc’s fan is the scariest costume of them all this season. If you miss an opportunity to score at your Halloween party in this costume, just remember there’s always next year.

Bonus: Wear a Jameis Winston jersey, and carry a lobster with you for extra laughs.

Buccaneers Fan

10. Floridian Superhero: Power  Lineman

Not all heroes wear capes. This Floridian Halloween costume is for all of the superhero lovers out there. We’re leaving the Superman and Batman costumes in 2016. This year you can honor Florida’s real heroes with the Power Lineman costume. After all, these guys are the reason we have power after Hurricane Irma!

Florida Power Lineman Costume

If you or a fellow Floridian uses one of these ideas, be sure to submit pictures to us here!

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