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Nile Crocodiles are Vacationing in Florida and No One Knows Why

2 nile crocs visiting disney

Florida is now home to Nile Crocodiles… In case you’re unaware, Nile Crocodiles are native to the Nile River. As in, over in Egypt. As in, Africa. A completely separate continent.  Researchers over at UF did some testing to confirm this but have no explanation for how they actually got here. I’m thinking the conversation went something like this: Croc 1: Damn …

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Florida Man Knocked Out Cold by Leaping Florida Fish

sign warning boaters of leaping fish

A warm day in Chiefland, Florida made the weather perfect for a day of fishing. As spring starts to rear its head many like to enjoy outdoor activities as the water warms up. It was a supposed to be a fun filled day for 62-year-old Florida Man Ronald Dick, he was competing in a fishing tournament with his son when …

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Python Attacks Florida News Reporter On Camera: Video

burmese python attacks florida news anchor on camera

Over the past decade Florida has become home to an exotic species invading the Sunshine State. No, I’m not talking about Snowbirds or Northerners. The un-welcomed guests are that of Burmese pythons, and the visitors are slithering into South Florida quicker than Northerners straight into retirement. In fact, just this past week an 8 foot python was found in a …

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