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6 Times Florida Drivers Made Their Own Rules

bad florida drivers

  Recently world shattering news emerged that Florida drivers were the worst in America, to which the entire state of Florida replied with a very strong “duh!” To celebrate this incredibly obvious assessment, we’ve got several interesting occurrences where a Florida Driver decided to play by their own rules. Corbett Wildlife Management Area Most people keep their registration, CDs, and …

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Find Out Where Florida Ranks For Worst Drivers In America

Miami, Florida traffic

Florida was recently named a winner. No, unfortunately we did not win any professional sports championships (again). Florida was titled as the state with “The Worst Drivers In The Nation”. Surprised? Neither are we. A recent study from SmartAsset has confirmed this fact that we have all been denying for years. The research collected included driving statistics such as the …

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Rare Flying Turtle Crashes Through Windshield on I-4

There was one thing on the mind of Turtle McTurtleFace, and that was flying like the Wright Brothers. This past Monday, one turtle’s dream came true. Nicole Bjanes was travelling to Deltona when Turtle McTurtleFace achieved his dreams of flight. Unfortunately, he flew through a windshield and came to a screeching halt. It took the Wright Brothers many attempts before they …

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What Your Floridian Bumper Sticker Says About You – Part 2

floridian bumper stickers

    Florida bumper stickers are a unique bunch, here is another truth bomb about the meanings behind these bumper stickers: Ron Jon Surf Shop “Yea, I surf, bro.” Look out for small sedans with soft-sided surfboards attached to the roof, flopping in the wind, and you’ll see this sticker proudly displayed on their rear bumper. Usually traveling from inland …

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