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Growing Up Floridian, The Funniest Floridian Memories

Satirical Florida photo collage of girl riding an alligator in an orange grove near a publix

  It’s no hidden secret that Florida is a unique state. The Sunshine State is notoriously known as the home to bizarre news stories, visitors from all corners of the world, dinosaur-like animals and notably strange weather patterns. The unusual life Florida create experiences that mold Floridians into the unique individuals that they are. Floridians have taken to Twitter to …

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What Your Publix Sub Order Says About You

Pub sub from publix

  According to TIME magazine, the Publix Deli is the 8th wonder of the world (as if anyone is surprised by that). Any relationship starts with a mutual love of pub subs, the biggest deals in the business world are not made on the golf course, but rather while waiting in line at the Deli. In fact, recent studies show …

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APRIL FOOLS: Publix to Close Hundreds of Florida Locations

publix with red crossthrough graphic

Turns out our favorite supermarket isn’t so super after all. Publix released an official investor statement this morning regarding ongoing lawsuits from Wal-Mart dating back to 2013. These lawsuits are finally being settled, with Publix facing over $860 million in settlements/damages, dealing massive financial damage to our beloved grocery store. As a result, Publix announced that they will be closing …

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Not “My” Publix – A Horror Story

front view of a publix supermarket

It was a quiet Friday…aside from Jenny spilling her coffee on me this morning it was your normal day at work. I’d been looking forward to this sunny Friday because my best friend, Brett, was having a BBQ/dinner party at his place. We were all responsible for bringing a different entree so I decided that I was going to show …

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Publix Donates $4 Million To Florida Communities

Publix presents a donation check to habitat for humanity

Living in Florida often spoils natives of the Sunshine State- months of sunshine, hundreds of miles of coastal land and paradise weather most of the year. One of the most prevalent elements of the state Floridians take for granted is the Publix franchise. Originating in Lakeland, Florida, Publix has become a huge part of Florida’s culture over the past four …

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Publix Chicken Fight Caught On Camera

Two people Fight in Tampa Publix deli over chicken dispute

Imagine this- you’re waiting in line at the Publix deli, frothing at the mouth, as you wait for your number to be called. The customer two green slips ahead of you is creating a hold up as long as I-4 traffic during rush hour. He begins causing a scene, arguing with the deli employee over a box of fried chicken. …

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