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This Fake Guestbook Prank by a Florida Tourist Is Hilarious

  Over in the Reddit world, user “obviousplant” likes to create humorous media like fake advertisements, reviews, recommendations, signs, book titles and “plant” them at random places in public (hence the name). Nothing like a little humor to mix up your day to day life right?  Recently, he decided to create a fake guestbook and leave it at a Florida AirBnB, …

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Florida Man Uses A Real Alligator for This Ridiculous Prank

florida gator

Ever felt the need to pull a prank on someone? You know, sitting around with a couple friends…brainstorming about how you can pull off the best prank that no one else has ever seen? Plenty of pranksters get huge YouTube views, the right prank could propel you into internet fame…for better or for worse. Anyways, back in October a 24-year old …

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7 “Reasons” You Should Move Out of Florida

Welcome to Florida The Sunshine State road sign

From the perspective of outsiders looking in, Florida appears to be a utopia. The dream land of eternal sunshine, white sand beaches and weekends full of swimming with dolphins. Although these are factual qualities of Florida, life in the Sunshine State is not as easy at it sounds. Behind the tinted windows and overgrown palm shrubs, Florida natives know it’s …

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