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Find Out Where Florida Ranks For Worst Drivers In America

Miami, Florida traffic

Florida was recently named a winner. No, unfortunately we did not win any professional sports championships (again). Florida was titled as the state with “The Worst Drivers In The Nation”. Surprised? Neither are we. A recent study from SmartAsset has confirmed this fact that we have all been denying for years. The research collected included driving statistics such as the …

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Woman’s Sixth Sense Shuts Down I-95

Early Monday morning a woman in South Florida had a premonition that a bomb was planted in her car while traveling down Interstate 95. Here is the timeline of this bizarre story, 95 OPEN NB between Atlantic and woolbright person says a bomb in the car GREAT JOB PBSO AND FHP Clearing scene pic.twitter.com/l1gNRm7aBX — Johann Hoffend (@Chopper5WPTV) October 5, …

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