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Alligator Drags Toddler Into Lake at Disney Resort

florida alligator

  UPDATE: The body was found around 4pm on 6/15. RIP 🙁 Not too long after the Lakeland alligator was found with a human body in its mouth, we’ve got a case of an alligator at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort dragging a 2 year old boy into a lake. #BREAKING: ORCO deputies are at @WaltDisneyWorld after reports that a …

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Florida Man Uses A Real Alligator for This Ridiculous Prank

florida gator

Ever felt the need to pull a prank on someone? You know, sitting around with a couple friends…brainstorming about how you can pull off the best prank that no one else has ever seen? Plenty of pranksters get huge YouTube views, the right prank could propel you into internet fame…for better or for worse. Anyways, back in October a 24-year old …

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Florida Woman Fighting To Keep 6 Foot Pet Alligator

alligator and woman on motorcycle

A Florida woman, Mary Thorn, is working to keep her 125 pound pet alligator in her Lake City home. Thorn is fighting the state to keep her trained pet alligator that wears clothes, rides motorcycles and lives in it’s own bedroom. Thorn’s 6-foot pet reptile has grown past Florida’s regulation size, forcing the woman to provide 2.5 acres of land …

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