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6 Places All Florida Natives Should Visit This Summer

title graphic - best summer locations in florida

When people think of Florida, they think of our beautiful beaches as well as our amazing natural springs. Makes sense. But, what you don’t know if that Florida is full of amazing attractions that don’t necessarily have you sitting on the beach in your bathing suit. Here are some of the places in Florida you should definitely check out this summer. …

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Growing Up Floridian, The Funniest Floridian Memories

Satirical Florida photo collage of girl riding an alligator in an orange grove near a publix

  It’s no hidden secret that Florida is a unique state. The Sunshine State is notoriously known as the home to bizarre news stories, visitors from all corners of the world, dinosaur-like animals and notably strange weather patterns. The unusual life Florida create experiences that mold Floridians into the unique individuals that they are. Floridians have taken to Twitter to …

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6 Best Water Parks in Florida

water slide at rapids water park florida

If you’re from Florida, you know something about the heat. And when you’re sweating, all you want is to dip into a cold pool of water. Well, us Floridians are well prepared with water parks all over the state. If you want to have a fun and thrilling time while cooling off, you need to head to one of our …

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8 Awesome Florida Music Festivals

tortuga music festival fort lauderdale florida

Florida Music Festivals are among the best Florida isn’t just full of old people and drunk college kids on spring break. If you take a closer look, it’s filled with amazingly lush nature, pristine beaches and tasty food. But, did you know about our music festivals? Sure, there’s Coachellam Bonaroo and Burning Man, but Florida is bustling with an array …

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9 Florida Springs You Need to Visit This Summer

With summer now upon us and the temperature rising, cooling off is on all of our minds here in Florida. With options like pools, the beaches and waterparks, there are plenty of ways to take a dip and swim away from the summer sun. But if you want to get away from over crowded beaches or avoid this seasons tourists, …

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8 Florida Treasures That Only Natives Know About

florida horse statue in ocala

Not really interested in boring tourist attractions? We don’t blame you. Though Florida’s top tourist attractions can be a great experience, as residents of the state their novelty wears off pretty quickly. Sometimes you just want to get to get away from the crowds and witness some of the natural beauty that Florida has to offer – and it has …

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The Ultimate Florida Summer Bucket List – Part 1

florida skydiver with instructor attached

Florida is a vast state with a diverse population and an endless amount of things to do. If you don’t want to look like a tourist at Disney, check out some of these alternative activities and have a blast this summer. Iconically known for its beautiful coast, Florida is home to many beaches that you should definitely go to this Summer. …

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Top 10 Craft Beer Breweries in Florida

5 different types of craft beer in a line

Interested in trying out some of the amazing craft beer produced in Florida? This is the list of the top ten best craft beers in Florida. After taking a look at our list, you’ll be craving a taste of some Florida craft beer. Funky Buddha Brewing, Oakland Park The Funky Buddha has some of the best beer in Florida. Originally, …

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What Your Favorite Florida Theme Park Says About You

Central Florida is home to some of the world’s most popular theme parks and roller coasters. Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the Sunshine State from all over the world every year to visit Florida’s un-natural attractions. Since these amusement parks are located basically in Central Floridian’s backyards, they are able to visit them quite often. Each park offers …

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