What Your Favorite Florida Theme Park Says About You

Central Florida is home to some of the world’s most popular theme parks and roller coasters. Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the Sunshine State from all over the world every year to visit Florida’s un-natural attractions. Since these amusement parks are located basically in Central Floridian’s backyards, they are able to visit them quite often. Each park offers a variety of entertainment and thrill, and most residents have a favorite theme park in Florida. Here’s what your favorite Florida theme park says about you.

Disney World Orlando, Florida

Disney World
The Childhood Dreamer. There are two types of people that enjoy visiting Disney- Tourists, and Floridians that aren’t ready to let go of their favorite childhood Disney movies. Visitors can spend a day with their favorite Disney characters on themed rides such as Toy Story, Cinderella, Dumbo and Pirate’s of The Caribbean. Nothing says good memories quite like eating over priced Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bars while it melts waiting in a three hour line to spin around in a teacup. If Disney World is your favorite Florida theme park, you probably also have the Disney Annual Pass holder sticker on your rear bumper.

EPCOT Centre

The Want-To-Be Cultural Explorer. Want to impress your friends with Instagrams of drinking champagne in France, or strolling through the gardens of Japan? This is your place. Home to 11 countries inside 300 acres, EPCOT allows guests to experience cultures across the world without a passport. EPCOT switches roles between Floridians and tourists, depending on which country zone visitors travel to. If EPCOT is your favorite Florida theme park, you probably enjoy trying to convince your friends you’re cultured on social media.

Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios
The Movie Buff. You know, like the kid in your class that could recite every line from E.T., Back to The Future, Transformers, Twister or Spiderman. Universal Studious is similar to Disney, but more exciting and less children on leashes. Universal offers small roller coasters and simulators that put visitors in the middle of the action of their favorite movies. Attractions like the Fast and Furious Experience and Jurassic Park- The Ride provide a high level of thrill without the risk of actual roller coasters. Universal Studious is the teenage years of Florida’s theme parks.

Islands of Adventure
The Harry Potter Nerd. Although IOA offers multiple heart pounding attractions, Harry Potter World and it’s Butter Beer has become one of the most popular experiences of the theme park. Home to some of the top roller coasters in the nation, Islands of Adventure attracts adrenaline junkies from all over the world. Turn the extreme factor up three notches from Universal Studios, hop on the ferry through City Walk and buckle up into one of IOA’s soaring coasters.

R.I.P. to The Hulk ride.

Busch Gardens roller coaster

Bush Gardens
The Outdoorsman. Want to pretend to be Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee for the day? Check out Busch Gardens. This theme park is basically your local zoo on steroids. From kangaroos to elephants, visitors are able to interact with exotic animals from around the world. Safari rides put aspiring adventurers in close contact with animals from Africa to Australia. Something about the risk of being chased by a rhino doesn’t sound very alluring to me. Take a trip to Tampa, FL and get lost in the wilderness.

Remember, any zoo is a petting zoo if you try hard enough.

Wet N' Wild entrance

Wet N’ Wild
The Central Florida Beach Bum. Located in the middle of the Sunshine State, Wet N’ Wild is the concrete beach every European tourist dreams of. Looking to hit the waves without leaving the big city feel? This chlorine oasis is the theme park for you. The possibilities are endless at Wet N’ Wild- waterslides, wave pool, lazy river and tourist Speedo hunting while you wait in hour long lines. Unfortunately this cement beach is eroding at the end of 2016, and Wet N’ Wild is closing it’s doors for good.

I wonder where the tourists will bake in Florida’s sunshine next?


Sea World
We’ll let you decide…

Let us know what your favorite Florida theme park is in the comments below!

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