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11 Reasons Why Florida and Australia Are Pretty Much Identical

Florida is home to all things crazy, and maintains the reputation of being the most unusual state in America. From the state’s eccentric population, to it’s unusual wild animals, Florida is often compared to the Land Down Under- Australia. Read through these 11 reasons why they’re practically the same place and decide for yourself.
1. Unusually large reptiles roam neighborhoods and streets like stray cats


2. Giant killer mosquitos control the airways

3. Hundreds of miles of coastline surround the land

4. Majority of the terrain is beaches and swamplands


5. The residents of Florida and Australia are insane

6. The weather is extremely hot

7. Both home to exotic animals that could kill you instantly

8. Florida and Australia are home to some of the best golf courses in the world

9. Shark attacks aren’t just in the movies

10. Storms that look like the world are ending are a daily thing


11. Hurricanes and cyclones are celebrated with parties

Florida and Australia may be located on opposite sides of the world, but they are both as equally crazy. Although, I think I will stay in Florida.

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  1. Florida and Queensland are alike. Lots of crazy religious folk. Churches outnumber supermarkets, pubs and takeaways 2 to 1 or more.

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