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The Definitive Guide For Pokemon Go Hotspots in Florida

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Pokemon pandemonium is still in full swing as the mobile app game Pokemon Go is still increasing in numbers with new players joining the game everyday, while there are some challenges that come along with playing in Florida, the craze has never been bigger. But for players who have been playing since the games debut, they have become experienced trainers …

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Florida Man Fires Gunshots At Pokemon Go Players Outside of Home

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At about 1:30am Saturday morning in Flagler County, Florida, a homeowner fired multiple shots at unsuspecting Pokémon Go players who were playing the mobile game inside of a car that was parked outside of his house. Although no one was injured, a parent of one of the teen players notified authorities as the car they were driving received damages from …

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The Struggles of Playing Pokemon Go in Florida

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With the release of the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go, ‘90’s kids are once again trying to catch ‘em all, and not with trading cards, but with their smart phones. The latest mobile digital delight sweeping the nation, Pokemon Go offers players to go outside and discover locations where they can ‘catch’ different types of Pokemon, collect items at …

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