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Florida Man Fires Gunshots At Pokemon Go Players Outside of Home

At about 1:30am Saturday morning in Flagler County, Florida, a homeowner fired multiple shots at unsuspecting Pokémon Go players who were playing the mobile game inside of a car that was parked outside of his house.

Although no one was injured, a parent of one of the teen players notified authorities as the car they were driving received damages from bullet holes and a flat tire.

A Flagler County Sheriff’s Office news release states that when the homeowner woke up to strange noises outside of his home, he grabbed a handgun and approached a vehicle that was parked outside of his house.


Reportedly one of the teens inside the car was heard saying, “Did you get anything?” and the man then believed that they were burglars who broke into his house. But what the teen was referring to was a Pokémon that they stopped to catch.

As they saw the man coming near them, the two teens inside the vehicle began to drive away, and this is when the homeowner began to fire upon the car.

When the two players got home, they saw no immediate damage to the vehicle and decided not to report the incident. It wasn’t until later that day that one of the teens mothers saw the damage and notified the police, who are still investigating the incident.

-via ABC News

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