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Florida Man Crashes Massive 72′ Yacht then Abandons It

A Florida man has been arrested after drunkenly beaching his $500,000, 72 foot yacht named the Time Out. The owner of the yacht, Thomas Henry Baker, 63, told police that he had been drinking Long Island Iced teas before running the boat into a shallow area near the Palm Beach Inlet. Palm Beach police performed a field sobriety test where …

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Florida Man Dies Testing Bulletproof Vest on Himself

man dies testing bulletproof vest

  A Florida man has been arrested and another has died after an attempt to see if what they thought was a bullet proof vest, but was in fact a flak jacket, could stop a bullet. Tampa police say Alexandro Garibaldi, 24, fired a shot at his cousin Joaquin Mendez, 23, to test out what they believed to be a …

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100+ Chickens Found Living INSIDE of Port Richey Home

  The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation after learning that almost a hundred chickens have been living in a Port Richey home. It is not known if anyone lives in the chicken occupied residence but the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a woman who may be responsible. When Pasco County code enforcement deputies entered the home, …

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Vladimir Putin Arrested at a Florida Publix For Screaming At Employees

vladmir putin arrested publix

  A Florida man named Vladimir Putin (not the one pictured above), has been arrested on trespassing charges at a Publix supermarket. Not to be confused with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, but the resident of West Palm Beach, Florida. According to the police report, Putin became upset after missing his ride from the supermarket. Thats when he began screaming and yelling …

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Florida Man Robs House, then Hitches Ride on a School Bus

Erik Hall, a 27 year old resident of Manatee County, has been arrested after he boarded a school bus to get away from the area where he had just burglarized a home, deputies say. Around 6:45 A.M. on Tuesday morning, Hall stepped onto a school bus headed to Manatee High School where the bus driver, Verna Esparza, 55, took him …

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Florida Man Crashes Into A Bus With Nude Wife in Cab – Gets 20 Years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida semi-truck driver has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for recklessly ramming into the back of a school bus while his wife was nude in the trucks cab. The school bus was occupied with 15 students as it slowed down to drop some of them off at a bus stop. That is when the truck driver, Shannon …

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Florida Man Fires Gunshots At Pokemon Go Players Outside of Home

gun pointing to pokemon go logo

At about 1:30am Saturday morning in Flagler County, Florida, a homeowner fired multiple shots at unsuspecting Pokémon Go players who were playing the mobile game inside of a car that was parked outside of his house. Although no one was injured, a parent of one of the teen players notified authorities as the car they were driving received damages from …

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Florida Man Sues Apple for $10 Billion. Yes, $10 BILLION

apple 10 billion dollar lawsuit

  A man by the name of Thomas S. Ross is suing Apple! You might be wondering, “what the hell could be possibly be suing for that’s worthy of $10 billion?” Ross claims that the iPhone infringes on his intellectual property of a 1992 “Electronic Reading Device” invention seen below. What Ross contemplated, was a device that could allow one …

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Orlando Man Arrested for Punching A Swan

swan puncher in orlando florida

Sor Angel Velez was enjoying a walk around the beautiful Lake Eola Park when he met his long-time adversary, Swanny the Swan. He walked a little bit too close to Swanny when it went down. Swanny was with her babies, serving as their mother and protector. She broke the silence when she sneered, “come at me, bro”   At first Velez …

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Florida Man Survives Attack By a 300 Pound, 9 Foot Alligator

sleeping alligator near a swamp

  These stories keep piling up…this one involves a 58-year-old Ocala man that was attacked by an 8’9″ alligator. Unlike the last alligator attack we covered that ended in a toddler’s death at Disney, this man only suffered injuries to his leg and made it to the hospital in time. Apparently this guy shot the gator twice with a handgun …

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