apple 10 billion dollar lawsuit

Florida Man Sues Apple for $10 Billion. Yes, $10 BILLION


A man by the name of Thomas S. Ross is suing Apple! You might be wondering, “what the hell could be possibly be suing for that’s worthy of $10 billion?” Ross claims that the iPhone infringes on his intellectual property of a 1992 “Electronic Reading Device” invention seen below.

apple 10 billion dollar lawsuit

What Ross contemplated, was a device that could allow one to read stories, novels, news articles, as well as look at pictures, watch video presentations, or even movies, on a flat touch-screen that was back-lit. He further imagined that it could include communication functions, such as a phone and a modem, input/output capability, so as to allow the user to write notes, and be capable of storing reading and writing material utilizing internal and external storage media. He also imagined that the device would have batteries and even be equipped with solar panels.


While this man was certainly ahead of his time, he never officially got the concept patented because he didn’t pay the filing fees to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Will he win the lawsuit? Apple has pretty deep pockets, so my guess is no, however, you never know what might happen.


-via MacRumors

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