Floridian Drinking Game: Tourist Spotting Edition

The month of March has arrived in Florida and so has the beautiful weather. Along with the prime beach weather of the spring season comes thousands of out-of-state tourists and snowbirds migrating to The Sunshine State. As our Northern visitors clog the highways, clear the sunscreen shelves and takeover our favorite beach spots there isn’t much we can do but sit back and enjoy their entertainment.

All Floridians know the best free entertainment in the state is watching tourists trying to survive the unique lifestyle of The Sunshine State. It’s no secret that this seasonal migration happens every year, so why not make some fun out of it with a drinking game? Next time you head to the beach to do some snowbird hunting, make sure you pack the cooler full of your beverage of choice and play the official Floridian Drinking Game: Tourist Spotting Edition.

How to play:

1. Take a sip every time you see a combination of socks and sandals
2. Take a shot every time you hear a tourist order a “pop” as a beverage
3. Take a sip if you spot a tourist applying sunscreen over SPF 50
4. Chug your drink when a tourist feeds the seagulls
5. Take a sip every time you see someone take a picture in front a Florida sign or famous monument
6. Take another sip if they take the picture with a selfie stick
7. Chug your drink when you see a tourist wearing shorts with more than 2 pockets at the beach
8. Take a sip every time you see a tourist wearing a Ron Jon’s shirt
9. Take a sip when a tourist tries to pick up a Man o’ War
10. Take a shot every time you see a tourist wearing Disney Mickey Mouse ears
11. Finish your drink and confront the tourist when they leave trash on the beach
12. Chug your drink when tourists pack up their beach trip because of a rain cloud forming
13. Then open another drink because you know the storm will pass in five minutes!

Enjoy our Tourist Spotting Drinking Game responsibly!

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