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Dumb Questions People Always Ask When You Tell Them You’re from Florida

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We have all experienced it. The conversation that is doomed from the moment you release the words “I am from Florida” from your lips. The questions that come pouring out are the same that you hear every time, whether you are in Georgia, Delaware, or even as far as Washington (the state). The questions vary from actual genuine interest in …

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7 Things We’re Used to That Tourists Just Don’t Understand

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There is no disputing the fact that living in Florida and visiting Florida are two completely different concepts. The Sunshine State attracts millions of tourists every year, most coming to see our theme parks and world famous beaches. Our state is well known for our ability to handle the crazy tourist season, but do tourists ever really know how to …

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7 Reasons Why We Should Give Florida Tourists A Little More Credit

tacky florida tourists

  Even though we may complain about the swarm of tourists that come to Florida during Spring Break or really any time of the year, we secretly love them. Sure, they may drive slowly but drink a little too much, but without them, as a state, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Here are seven reasons why we love …

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This Fake Guestbook Prank by a Florida Tourist Is Hilarious

  Over in the Reddit world, user “obviousplant” likes to create humorous media like fake advertisements, reviews, recommendations, signs, book titles and “plant” them at random places in public (hence the name). Nothing like a little humor to mix up your day to day life right?  Recently, he decided to create a fake guestbook and leave it at a Florida AirBnB, …

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Nile Crocodiles are Vacationing in Florida and No One Knows Why

2 nile crocs visiting disney

Florida is now home to Nile Crocodiles… In case you’re unaware, Nile Crocodiles are native to the Nile River. As in, over in Egypt. As in, Africa. A completely separate continent.  Researchers over at UF did some testing to confirm this but have no explanation for how they actually got here. I’m thinking the conversation went something like this: Croc 1: Damn …

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Dear Spring Breakers,

Florida is awesome, we all know this. It’s a haven for beautiful people, great cities and rich history. We’ve got a ton of sports teams, beaches, and tropical weather 50 weeks a year. Not to mention, we’ve got this little thing called Publix, and there is a ton of nightlife and entertainment. Hell, I’d argue that Florida is the best …

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Guide: How to Spot a Tourist

Floridian tourist map

Ahhh tourism, the lifeblood of the Florida economy. As much as we Floridians would like to hate on tourists, it’s hard to deny the fact that without them, many of us would be out of a job. Think about it; hotels & resorts, amusement parks, beaches for miles, the list goes on. Put simply, Florida was born to host a …

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