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Dumb Questions People Always Ask When You Tell Them You’re from Florida

We have all experienced it. The conversation that is doomed from the moment you release the words “I am from Florida” from your lips. The questions that come pouring out are the same that you hear every time, whether you are in Georgia, Delaware, or even as far as Washington (the state). The questions vary from actual genuine interest in our Sunshine State to ridiculous accusations that we all keep alligators as pets. Here are just some of the most common questions that come up when you break the Floridian barrier.

“Do you ever get cold weather?”

Florida, known for being hot, does have a brief couple of weeks in which we have actually cold weather. With this weather, we form a Winter Closet to rival none other. When the cold front comes in, we are prepared.

“Do you go to the beach every day?”

The beach is a magical place for Floridians. Free Tanning, a giant swimming pool (aka the Ocean), and perfect spots for barbecues are all available here. We may not go every day, but you can be sure we take every opportunity to play hard in the sand.

“Have you ever eaten Alligator?”

Only 4 words for this one: It tastes like chicken.

“Do you go to Disney all the time?”

I have no words for you.

“So do you live in Miami?”

No. Just stop. There are hundreds other cities in Florida that can even rival Miami in its lifestyle. We all come from all over, whether we are from North Florida, South Florida, or Central Florida, we are all Floridians and love our state.


“Have you ever been in a hurricane?”

The fact is that most Floridians have seen a Hurricane. Are they all as scary as they sound? No. Can they be? Absolutely. But since we are standing here answering your ridiculous questions, you can be assured we know how to handle them.

“Do you have class outside? Ya know, because it is always warm?”

As tempting as the idea is, usually the heat has us wanting to remain inside our beloved Air-Conditioned buildings. But some schools have hallways outside, and lots of schools also have tables outside for lunch, so the sunshine does have some benefits.

“Do you ever swim with dolphins?”

Believe it or not, this question comes up way too often. Unless you are willing to pay, swimming with dolphins is a rarity. Do we see them at the beach? Absolutely! Are the wild dolphins willing to swim with humans? Not so much.

“You totally speak Spanish, right?”

Yes, a lot of people speak Spanish, but don’t expect all of us to know it. Most of us just get the two years in High School, and that soon becomes forgotten. (Along with the rule of how to park on a hill)

“On Christmas do you guys just go to the beach?”

Christmas is an interesting time for us, and rarely involves going to the beach. (It is cold in December!) We do have the Ol’ Tanenbaum, but we also string lights on Palm Trees and have surfing competitions in which Santa even competes in!

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