Mother Nature Found Drunk In Florida During Spring Break

Mother Nature was found in Florida today passed out drunk on the beach. She was found in possession of cold weather, cloudy skies and a plane ticket from the Northern states.

The suspect was reportedly visiting The Sunshine State from the North East and did not know where she was. Mother Nature was highly intoxicated and disoriented, but seemed to be enjoying Florida’s beaches upon discovery by unhappy Floridians.

After being arrested for trespassing with possession of cold weather in the state of Florida, Mother Nature stated,

“I’m not sure where I am, I thought I was visiting New York for winter break vacation.”

While visiting Florida on spring break, she brought abnormally cold weather which turned out to be meant for the Northern states.

Bystanders at the scene of the crime were reportedly shaming Mother Nature shouting,

“Go home Mother Nature- you’re drunk!” and “Take your cold weather back up North with you!”

Mother Nature has been spotted throughout Florida’s most popular spring break destinations this week from Panama City Beach, to Daytona Beach and was apprehended today in Key West, Florida.

The state of Florida is now investigating this case, and researchers are working on correcting the cold weather Mother Nature brought to The Sunshine State during spring break.

Florida Spring Break low temperatures

One Floridian expressed her frustration saying,

“Why would Mother Nature do this to us? Floridians can’t handle this cold weather, I’ve already worn all three of my long sleeve shirts and now I don’t have enough clothes to cover my pineapple plants. Please pray for warmer weather in Florida.”

As spring break continues in The Sunshine State, Floridians are praying for warmer weather. Mother Nature is currently being deported back to the North along with the cold weather she brought.

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