Dear Spring Breakers,

Florida is awesome, we all know this. It’s a haven for beautiful people, great cities and rich history. We’ve got a ton of sports teams, beaches, and tropical weather 50 weeks a year. Not to mention, we’ve got this little thing called Publix, and there is a ton of nightlife and entertainment. Hell, I’d argue that Florida is the best state in America, but I digress. We’re not greedy folks; Florida beaches are a great place to enjoy your spring break vacations, and we are more than willing to share our beautiful shorelines with you all while you’re on vacation, but we have one simple request —

Be respectful to our state and beaches. I understand, some of you guys have the misfortune of living in a place that regularly dips below 60 degrees (which is no way to live anyways) but our beaches are not trash cans!

dirty beach in florida

Look, no one likes cleaning up trash after shotgunning 31 Natty Lights on the beach over the course of 3 hours, we’ve all been there, but you guys are better than this. You’re basically coming into our homes, trashing the place then leaving, not cool.

Here is a complex, highly detailed, step-by-step guide to not trashing the beach:

1. Buy trash bags

2. Place all trash in the trash bags

3. Carry filled trash bags to a dumpster

Voila, clean beaches!

Have fun out there, we’ve got some of the best beaches the world has to offer, but we just ask that you please be respectful and do your part to keep the place looking as good as you found it.


The Sunshine State

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  1. It is sad how sloppy people are. Given the price they pay for everything some feel entitled to just trash the place.

  2. These kids are all a bunch of entitled leftists. Have you ever seen the D.C. Mall after one of their demonstrations? It’s a disgrace. Check out places where conservatives gather or demonstrate (if you can find them at a demonstration as mostly they are working) it will be pristine and cleaner than when they arrived. Ban these people from the beaches. Or if they are observed leaving trash, arrest them. It’s the only thing their self absorbed, entitled narcissitic minds can grasp.

  3. These Melenials have only 1 thought in mind…”PARTY”….

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