Lincoln Devine

Lincoln is a co-founder of Things Floridians Like, LLC and a sales professional residing in Tampa, FL

Okeechobee Fest to Bring Thousands of Floridians Together This March

  Okeechobee Music Festival (OMF) is back for their 3rd year on March 1-4th, 2018. Thousands of Floridians are set to “enter the portal” and set up camp in Sunshine Grove, FL for their biggest festival yet. March brings beautiful weather, and Okeechobee Music Festival is set to take full advantage. After two successful years Okeechobee has proven to be …

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Every Floridian Needs to Visit Miami in March, Here’s Why

picture of ultra music festival

If you’re looking to mix things up and have a weekend to spare next month, you need to plan a trip to Miami. The perfect weather during this time of year makes it a hotspot for amazing events and celebrations with plenty of food, music, art, movies and drinks to go around. The rich culture of Miami brings in a …

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Oktoberfest Tampa Bringing The Spirit of Germany to Florida

When October hits the Sunshine State, Floridians start preparing for a harsh two weeks of winter and wear long pants any day the temperature dips below 80 degrees… In Germany, October is synonymous with Oktoberfest, a 16+ day festival of celebration and one of the largest festivals in the world. Given the popularity of beer during this special holiday, the …

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Florida Man Crashes Massive 72′ Yacht then Abandons It

A Florida man has been arrested after drunkenly beaching his $500,000, 72 foot yacht named the Time Out. The owner of the yacht, Thomas Henry Baker, 63, told police that he had been drinking Long Island Iced teas before running the boat into a shallow area near the Palm Beach Inlet. Palm Beach police performed a field sobriety test where …

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News4JAX Facebook Flooded With Dick Jokes After Posting Storm Advisory Map

news4jax radar drawing of penis

  The past few days, hurricane season has been in full swing and the big word around Florida has been Tropical Storm Hermine. What started as “Tropical Depression 9” is now inbound to hit the Sunshine State sometime Thursday evening. In light of Tropical Storm Hermine’s arrival, News4Jax did what any news station would do, post a map highlighting areas …

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6 Times Florida Drivers Made Their Own Rules

bad florida drivers

  Recently world shattering news emerged that Florida drivers were the worst in America, to which the entire state of Florida replied with a very strong “duh!” To celebrate this incredibly obvious assessment, we’ve got several interesting occurrences where a Florida Driver decided to play by their own rules. Corbett Wildlife Management Area Most people keep their registration, CDs, and …

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4 Most Up-and-Coming Cities in Florida

  Of course you know about Miami and Orlando, but what about the other cities in Florida? Many people tend to stick to the top three most popular places in Florida and forget what the rest of Florida has to offer. So, let’s take a look at some of the up and coming cities in Florida that you need to …

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6 Places All Florida Natives Should Visit This Summer

title graphic - best summer locations in florida

When people think of Florida, they think of our beautiful beaches as well as our amazing natural springs. Makes sense. But, what you don’t know if that Florida is full of amazing attractions that don’t necessarily have you sitting on the beach in your bathing suit. Here are some of the places in Florida you should definitely check out this summer. …

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7 Times a Sinkhole Made A Surprise Appearance in Florida

holiday florida sinkhole

Florida’s well known for lots of sudden things, sudden storms, sudden waves of traffic from spring breakers, and sudden appearances of Alligators. But among the most notorious of our sudden guests is the sinkhole! Here are 7 times a sinkhole ruined someone’s day: 1. McDonalds, Cooper City Generally, a trip to the drive-thru is for fries, burger and shake, and …

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