Lincoln Devine

Lincoln is a co-founder of Things Floridians Like, LLC and a sales professional residing in Tampa, FL

6 South Florida Restaurants Where You Can Eat Like a King

suviche dish from south florida

While we love our tanning and beach days, people sometimes overlook the amazing food we have in this state. Among many of Florida’s strong qualities, the food certainly isn’t lacking. So, if you live in Soflo and are looking for a tasty bite to eat, then we have you covered. Here are six of the best South Florida restaurants.   You …

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Woman Finds Manatees Snacking In Her Backyard After Tropical Storm Colin

florida manatee

The gulf coast of Florida had a great start to the week with a nice visit from Colin…Tropical Storm Colin. The storm dumped an unrelenting amount of water along the west coast of the Sunshine State. The Tampa/St. Petersburg area was hit particularly hard. Schools and businesses were closing their doors early to brace the storm.   Turns out one …

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8 Celebrities That Live In The Sunshine State

ariana grande florida celebrity

Florida isn’t only about sandy beaches, sunshine and oranges. We have a lot of talent that brews in Florida. If you’re from Florida, you already know these local celebrities, if not, take a look, you may recognize some of these famous names. If you don’t know who Carrot Top is, then you must have lived under a rock – especially …

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Florida Man Uses A Real Alligator for This Ridiculous Prank

florida gator

Ever felt the need to pull a prank on someone? You know, sitting around with a couple friends…brainstorming about how you can pull off the best prank that no one else has ever seen? Plenty of pranksters get huge YouTube views, the right prank could propel you into internet fame…for better or for worse. Anyways, back in October a 24-year old …

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8 Florida Treasures That Only Natives Know About

florida horse statue in ocala

Not really interested in boring tourist attractions? We don’t blame you. Though Florida’s top tourist attractions can be a great experience, as residents of the state their novelty wears off pretty quickly. Sometimes you just want to get to get away from the crowds and witness some of the natural beauty that Florida has to offer – and it has …

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6 Amazing Central Florida Restaurants That Will Blow You Away

stock photo of a delicious burger

In Florida we’re all about the sunshine, the beach and of course, the food. While it’s easy to go to Chipotle or Publix – variety is always a good thing. Don’t know where to go though? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the 6 of the best Central Florida restaurants. What can we say about this place – …

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Guess How Many Texts This FL Man Sent Before He Got Arrested

A Gainesville Man was recently arrested on stalking charges after sending 118 text messages to his former mistress. You read that correctly, one hundred and eighteen texts. This barrage of love was sent over an 8 hour period. The woman was cheating on her husband with this dude and wanted to cut it off to repair their marriage. One of …

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Nile Crocodiles are Vacationing in Florida and No One Knows Why

2 nile crocs visiting disney

Florida is now home to Nile Crocodiles… In case you’re unaware, Nile Crocodiles are native to the Nile River. As in, over in Egypt. As in, Africa. A completely separate continent.  Researchers over at UF did some testing to confirm this but have no explanation for how they actually got here. I’m thinking the conversation went something like this: Croc 1: Damn …

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An Open Letter to the Rain

Dear Rain, You give me such mixed emotions, on one hand you give me relief from the ever-humid 80-90 degree weather, buuuut on the other hand you ruin my pool and beach plans pretty regularly. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could make up your damn mind…you can never decide if you want to stay for long. Florida’s weather …

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