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7 Times a Sinkhole Made A Surprise Appearance in Florida

Florida’s well known for lots of sudden things, sudden storms, sudden waves of traffic from spring breakers, and sudden appearances of Alligators. But among the most notorious of our sudden guests is the sinkhole! Here are 7 times a sinkhole ruined someone’s day:

1. McDonalds, Cooper City

Generally, a trip to the drive-thru is for fries, burger and shake, and normally you’re the one to devour the food, but it seems that for Dolores Otero, her car was the one to be the meal! As she visited the restaurant the ground opened up and began to pull her vehicle below, to make matters worse, her car began to fill with water as sinkholes can often contain water in them as well. Luckily they managed to escape the ground, at least for now.

cooper city florida sinkhole

2. Tarpon Springs

A quiet mobile home park one afternoon became a whole lot less quiet as a 60-foot hole decided to reveal itself, and while it didn’t have a chance to devour any cars, it did make short work of a fence. While there were no injuries here, it is possible that the ground certainly was attempting to get revenge for all of the country music that it was undoubtedly subject to day after day.

tarpon springs florida sink hole
Fence vs. Sinkhole – A classic battle

3. Winter Park, 1981

It’s not like the Florida ground’s vendetta against cars is a new thing. Back in 1981, a sinkhole made a surprise appearance at an auto shop, taking down several Porsches with it. The locals retaliated swiftly by retrieving the cars, filling the bottom with concrete and turning it into a pond.

winter park sinkhole
What was louder, the ground opening or the cries of anguish as the Porsche got damaged?


4. Seffner, Florida

Now not every Sinkhole is sharp and violent, some are slower and more methodically, trying a sneakier approach to seize hold of the land around them. In Seffner, Florida, a sinkhole appeared around the size of eight feet and steadily grew, threating to take down a nearby duplex. The family living nearby made a bold statement “We’re moving,” the Tampa Bay Times quotes them as saying. Wise words indeed when a sinkhole decides to become your neighbor.

seffner florida sinkhole
This is not a good way to draw property lines

5. Holiday, Florida

Once again, we discover another surprise maneuver by the deadly sinkhole, this time it opened rapidly and took out a Hyundai Accent, dropping it down a 10 foot hole with surprise speed. While it can be fun to joke about sinkholes and how they tend to pop up unexpectedly, they can be quite dangerous it and would be beneficial to immediately clear the area if you start to feel the ground shift and crack beneath you. Don’t let the ground win in its war against us!

holiday florida sinkhole
I don’t think this is how you park a car

6. Ocala, Florida

Ocala was struck without warning late one night and a small neighborhood was forcibly evacuated as a 20-foot-wide and 30-foot-deep sinkhole arrived on the scene, most likely intent on devouring everything it could.

ocala florida sinkhole
Hey, that’s not my garden!

7. Deltona, Florida

Post-apocalyptic is probably the best way to describe what happened to Deltona, Florida back in 2004. At the time several hurricanes had been busy doing a conga-line through most of the state and in the process ended up awakening a sinkhole that promptly devoured an entire four lane road and it quickly grew to 225 feet wide and 50 feet deep. In order words, whatever creature was most likely sleeping in that hole has now emerged and is most likely heading towards the nearest metropolis. Or Disney World.

deltona florida sinkhole
This isn’t a scene from Transformers


Well there you have it folks, just a few instances of a time a sinkhole arrived with speed and a mad desire for property destruction. Remember, if you’re looking to move around in the state, spend a little time checking out a sinkhole map and doing some research, lest your home become prey for the swift and sudden sinkhole.

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