Lincoln Devine

Lincoln is a co-founder of Things Floridians Like, LLC and a sales professional residing in Tampa, FL

Guide: How to Survive the Florida Heat

man profusely sweating

Is the sweat dripping down your leg as you read this? Are you nervous to peel yourself off of your chair? Yeah, don’t worry, it’s summer. These are just some of the struggles we have to deal with if we want to munch on watermelon and get a tan. But, there has to be some way to survive the season …

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8 Reasons Florida is the Best State in the US

florida sattelite image with text overlay "the best state"

We all love the states that we come from, but seriously, Florida is one of the best states in the USA. Are we biased? Sure. Do we have a reason to be? Hell yes. We know you’re going to start listing off the fact that it’s known as an “old people” state, but if you push yourself past the retirees, …

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13 Phrases That Have a Different Meaning in Florida


Here in Florida, we have a unique lingo that is unique to the type of person living in a state surrounded by water. Like any good place to live, there is a “language of the locals” that differentiates natives from the tourists. Here are just a few phrases that have a totally different meaning in the Sunshine State Normal Phrase …

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5 Essential North Florida Restaurants You Have to Visit

picture of pizza from satchels in florida

Everyone loves a delicious meal. If you’re up in the North Florida area, you’ll want to know where a good place is to grab a bite. You have the beautiful weather and turquoise water, now all you need is some tasty food. We have you covered. Below, are some of the best places to go in the North Florida area. …

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Florida Man Sues Apple for $10 Billion. Yes, $10 BILLION

apple 10 billion dollar lawsuit

  A man by the name of Thomas S. Ross is suing Apple! You might be wondering, “what the hell could be possibly be suing for that’s worthy of $10 billion?” Ross claims that the iPhone infringes on his intellectual property of a 1992 “Electronic Reading Device” invention seen below. What Ross contemplated, was a device that could allow one …

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6 Best Water Parks in Florida

water slide at rapids water park florida

If you’re from Florida, you know something about the heat. And when you’re sweating, all you want is to dip into a cold pool of water. Well, us Floridians are well prepared with water parks all over the state. If you want to have a fun and thrilling time while cooling off, you need to head to one of our …

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Orlando Man Arrested for Punching A Swan

swan puncher in orlando florida

Sor Angel Velez was enjoying a walk around the beautiful Lake Eola Park when he met his long-time adversary, Swanny the Swan. He walked a little bit too close to Swanny when it went down. Swanny was with her babies, serving as their mother and protector. She broke the silence when she sneered, “come at me, bro”   At first Velez …

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12 Things Floridians Are Extremely Thankful For During the Summer

If you’re a Floridian, then you know about the summers. You know perfectly well. If you’re thinking about spending your summer in Florida – we welcome you with sweaty open arms. Actually, don’t touch any of us, this will only make us more sweaty. Here are 14 things that we Floridians are ever so thankful for during the summer. SPF …

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7 Reasons Why We Should Give Florida Tourists A Little More Credit

tacky florida tourists

  Even though we may complain about the swarm of tourists that come to Florida during Spring Break or really any time of the year, we secretly love them. Sure, they may drive slowly but drink a little too much, but without them, as a state, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Here are seven reasons why we love …

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Florida Man Survives Attack By a 300 Pound, 9 Foot Alligator

sleeping alligator near a swamp

  These stories keep piling up…this one involves a 58-year-old Ocala man that was attacked by an 8’9″ alligator. Unlike the last alligator attack we covered that ended in a toddler’s death at Disney, this man only suffered injuries to his leg and made it to the hospital in time. Apparently this guy shot the gator twice with a handgun …

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