Florida Man Crashes Massive 72′ Yacht then Abandons It

A Florida man has been arrested after drunkenly beaching his $500,000, 72 foot yacht named the Time Out.

The owner of the yacht, Thomas Henry Baker, 63, told police that he had been drinking Long Island Iced teas before running the boat into a shallow area near the Palm Beach Inlet. Palm Beach police performed a field sobriety test where they found Bakers blood alcohol level to be 0.155. Florida’s legal limit to operate motor vehicles is 0.08.

Baker was returning back to Florida from the Bahamas after a trip with his girlfriend when he claims his GPS put him in the wrong direction. The Belle Isle resident was charged with boating under the influence and was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

Even though it’s intoxicated captain was taken away to jail, the Time Out still remains where it ran aground. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and private towing companies are still working on a way to relocate the abandoned yacht, as it still holds fuel and other chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.

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