bad florida drivers

6 Times Florida Drivers Made Their Own Rules


Recently world shattering news emerged that Florida drivers were the worst in America, to which the entire state of Florida replied with a very strong “duh!” To celebrate this incredibly obvious assessment, we’ve got several interesting occurrences where a Florida Driver decided to play by their own rules.

Corbett Wildlife Management Area

Most people keep their registration, CDs, and other important items in their glove box but for one Florida driver, he had far more interesting things to keep inside his car. Florida Fish and Wildlife officers were doing a routine check in a game management area when they discovered several pieces of an alligator stuck in various parts of his car. At least he kept the Florida theme consistent: Alligator, driving and craziness.

bad florida drivers

Lee County, FL

What’s more viral than a viral video? Why a photo of you driving and watching a viral video, of course! This Florida highway trooper was caught on camera watching Youtube as he drove around. The best part of the story, is that allegedly the Florida Trooper was watching racing videos as he drove through the city.

bad florida drivers

Homestead, FL

We’ve all had road rage. Someone cuts you off and you begin to say lots of things at the bottom or top of your lungs, but for most of us we don’t do anything about it but for this Florida motorcyclist, he let his rage get the best of him. After being cut off by a red car, they had words at an intersection with the motorcyclist smacking the car’s rearview mirror leading the Ford Fusion owner to chase after the motorcyclist, eventually chasing him into oncoming traffic until eventually the motorcyclist got away. Thankfully no one was injured but let that be a lesson to you, if you punch a Florida driver’s side mirror, be prepared to drive into oncoming traffic to escape!

bad florida drivers

Largo, FL

One of the most important part of knowing how to drive well is knowing where you’re supposed to drive. In general, it is agreed upon that the very large flat piece of asphalt with signs, direction and paint, also known as a road, is the right place to drive but for a Florida woman in Largo, she somehow didn’t get the message. She was caught on film driving down a sidewalk despite the fact that the road was completely devoid of traffic.

bad florida drivers

Lakeland, FL

Social media adds to a lot of our lives, allowing us to connect to one another, share our conversations from afar and for one Lakeland local, livestream her drunken ride home. A 23-year-old woman decided it would be hilarious if she got hammered and proceeded to stream her drive home on Periscope. The police were able to put together her location from the various landmarks that she passed and were able to arrest her after she drove through a curb.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

What’s got two flat tires and a woman hanging out of the driver’s side of a car? Why it’s a Florida driver, of course! In a video captured on camera, a young woman appears to be trying to surf across the road with a car instead of a surfboard and to make matters even more confusing, there’s someone from the inside steering the vehicle. That means not one, but two people thought this idea would be a good one.

bad florida drivers

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