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7 Reasons Why We Should Give Florida Tourists A Little More Credit


Even though we may complain about the swarm of tourists that come to Florida during Spring Break or really any time of the year, we secretly love them. Sure, they may drive slowly but drink a little too much, but without them, as a state, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Here are seven reasons why we love our tourists.

They Boost Our Economy

The drinking, the eating, the going out – this all costs money. Tourists love to have a good time while on vacation which means they’re willing to spend some big money doing so. And we love it! They boost our economy, help keep our people employed and our city buzzing. So, if you’re a wannabe tourist that’s reading this now, come to Florida!

They Always Ready For a Good Time

If you’re on vacation, you’re always ready for a good time. This is what keeps the city alive and exciting. If a Floridian is going out to a club and meets some tourists that night, then they’re in for a good time.

They’re Well Mannered

Sometimes they vomit on the streets or trash the beach during Spring Break… But usually, tourists are well behaved and treat our cities and land with respect. They throw their trash in the bins, they say their please’s and thank you’s. Aside from accidentally poking you with their selfie sticks, they’re usually on their best behavior.

They Love to Compliment Us

All of us have been told how beautiful our state is – probably more than once. Tourists love to compliment Floridians on our friendly demeanor and beautiful cities and wildlife. We’re already in love with our state, but knowing that other people love it as well gives us a healthy ego boost.



They Make Us Laugh

You can spot a tourist a mile away in Florida. Usually because of their extreme sunburns. Though the sunburns look painful, we Floridians always have a good chuckle at some of the things tourists go through here. Their touristy clothing, when they pose to take a photo – how can we not laugh? Even when it’s scorching hot out and we’re drenched in sweat, tourists always make us smile.

They Tell Us Stories About Their Cities

Sometimes we can get wrapped up in our own cities and not really venture out to other states. When tourists come, they usually tell us stories of their cities and what their states have to offer. Of course, we love our state, but this is also great opportunities for us to consider becoming tourists in other states as well.

They Love Florida

Who doesn’t! We have it all – this isn’t the ego talking, we really do have it all. The sun, beaches, nature, restaurants, nightlife – the list goes on. Tourists just love Florida because it has it all, it’s the Sunshine State after all..

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