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7 Things We’re Used to That Tourists Just Don’t Understand

There is no disputing the fact that living in Florida and visiting Florida are two completely different concepts. The Sunshine State attracts millions of tourists every year, most coming to see our theme parks and world famous beaches. Our state is well known for our ability to handle the crazy tourist season, but do tourists ever really know how to handle Florida as well as our native Floridians? Here’s a list of things we handle naturally compared to the snowbirds and tourists.

We know how to deal with the weather

It is no secret that Florida has some of the weirdest weather patterns known to man. We natives know the signs before the storm and know how to survive the torrent. We also know the best ways to beat the heat, aka wear shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops.

We’re used to the bugs 

Lizards, Scorpions, and Love-Bugs OH MY! Floridians are used to these creepy crawlies, and have mastered skills to keep mosquitoes from eating us alive. As for tourists, drowning in bug spray seems to be the only solution. When those love bugs come swooping in, Tourists seek shelter from the crazed season of these creatures while we know its just another day.

Florida wildlife is a normal thing for us

We are used to the appearance of an alligator in the pool or a bobcat crossing the street, but most people aren’t used to these random showings of animals. Alligators arrive and tourists tend to overreact (aka scream). Also, swimming in the ocean and seeing fish and crabs around our feet, natives don’t seem to mind the slimy animals cruising by, but every once in a while you will hear the squeal of an un-expecting tourist and know she received a gentle kiss from a fish.


We wear flip-flops more than shoes

No matter what the rest of the country thinks, Flip-Flops and Sandals are everywhere shoes. They make it easy to walk on the beach, they complement any outfit, and they are great at letting our feet breathe instead of dying inside sneakers in the high heat. Tourists, sneakers and Florida tend to be a married concept, poor tourists.

We know the better vacation spots

While all the tourists are busy flooding the theme parks and the beaches, we are hitting up our hidden gems and springs. (Blue Springs Park anybody?)

We can handle our bad driving

It is well known that Florida drivers are not the best drivers, but when it comes to navigating our strangely laid out cities (looking at you Jacksonville!), we are the best of the best. Tourists? They tend to drive 15 under the speed limit because they don’t know how to deal with the drivers, or know where they’re going.

We have a deep love for Publix

Publix. The greatest grocery store known to mankind. Here Tourists and Natives both take the time to appreciate the glory that is Publix Iced Tea and the heavenly sandwiches that are Publix Subs. But, do tourists know about the free cookies or what it feels like to go into a Publix that isn’t “theirs”?

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  1. I hate Publix. I’m a Winn-Dixie fan.

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