2 nile crocs visiting disney

Nile Crocodiles are Vacationing in Florida and No One Knows Why

Florida is now home to Nile Crocodiles…

In case you’re unaware, Nile Crocodiles are native to the Nile River. As in, over in Egypt. As in, Africa. A completely separate continent. 

Researchers over at UF did some testing to confirm this but have no explanation for how they actually got here. I’m thinking the conversation went something like this:

Croc 1: Damn man Egypt sucks it’s all sand here, we need some new scenery

Croc 2: Well where should we go? You know I hate travelling

Croc 1: I’m thinking Florida…at least they have nice beaches to go with their sand

Croc 2: Omg I follow Things Floridians Like on Twitter I’m totally down

Croc 1: It’s settled, you have some cousins over at Animal Kingdom right?

UF researchers say this could be a major threat to our ecosystem since Nile Crocs tend to be more aggressive than our native Floridian crocs. Hopefully they won’t be causing any trouble.

-via the Orlando Weekly

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