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Guide: How to Spot a Tourist

Ahhh tourism, the lifeblood of the Florida economy. As much as we Floridians would like to hate on tourists, it’s hard to deny the fact that without them, many of us would be out of a job. Think about it; hotels & resorts, amusement parks, beaches for miles, the list goes on. Put simply, Florida was born to host a plethora of travelers from all over the globe. The funniest part about it is that every Floridian (from the Panhandle to Fernandina and all the way to Key West) has the inherent ability to spot a tourist from a mile away. Here’s a list of things to look for when tourist spotting

1. Strong sunscreen smell


2. Sandals that resemble fashion staples from 1300 B.C


3. Driving 15 mph under the speed limit


4. Hazard lights in the rain (FYI: it’s against Florida law)

5. Posing in front of insignificant land marks



6. Bringing an umbrella, grill, 16 boogie boards, 3 coolers and 9 pool noodles to the beach

7. Extreme amounts of sunburn

8. Wearing shoes on the beach

9. Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs, Bermuda shorts and long white socks

10. Banana bikers on the beach who take out peoples ankles repeatedly until they give up and walk them back to the rental shop


Have your own tourist spotting tips? Leave us your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Loud ugly Hawaiian shirts.

  2. Very, very white skin between the shorts and the socks. Mickey Mouse ears outside of Orlando. Maps, no one in Florida uses a map – you either hit water or Georgia.

  3. Martin Veit-Schneider

    I can always spot a kraut/Kartoffel (german) in Florida. …. and I don’t even like that skill of mine.. . Same thing with Brits. .. lol…..

  4. Asks what time does the 3 PM parade at the Magic Kingdom start…

  5. Slowing down on bridges to look at the water.

  6. Packs of 5-30. Tourists always seem to be in packs

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