Nicholas Watkins

Born and raised in Hollywood (Florida), Nick prefers to spend his time on the water where the snowbirds can't get in his way. You can find him anywhere between 1 and 25 miles offshore with some friends, some beer and (hopefully) a cooler full of fish.

Florida’s Finest Vol. 8

We’ve got plenty of videos for you this week which should either give you a laugh or make you want to move back to whatever cold, dark state you’re originally from. Welcome to Florida’s Finest!!! Bobcat Dale Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy That may not be his nickname yet but I guarantee it’ll …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 7

florida mugshots

For this weeks “Florida’s Finest”, we decided to switch things up a bit. We’re going to deliver the “bad” news first and the “good” news last, this way all of our non-Floridians who read this won’t leave our site in fear of the Florida Man and all of his shenanigans. Take our word for it, Florida undoubtedly has some of …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 6

pet alligator riding a four wheeler

Welcome to Florida’s Finest Vol. 6! This week has been the epitome of the “Florida Man”. It appears as though Floridians are channeling their “Florida Man” roots and are really trying to fuel the fire. There’s no lack of interesting occurrences this week, so without further adieu… Cops: “Pull over!” Florida Man: “Nah” A Fort Lauderdale motorcyclist has been eluding …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 5

Welcome to another week highlighting the strangest occurrences and most interesting Florida news. With spring upon us we’re sure to see the hot and humid weather of our beautiful state drive some locals mad. A Fair Deal   A Florida drug dealer attempted to reach an agreement with Eustis PD, his proposal was to trade the combination to his safe …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 4

Ding Ding Ding!!! Let’s get ready to rumble!!! This week was nothing short of interesting in the news, Florida may not be getting any more normal but at least some of the stories will get a chuckle out of you. Without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s “Florida’s Finest”! Lucky Number 34 39-year-old Sammy Luciano is somewhat of …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 3

    Our third round of “Florida’s Finest” is nothing short of, well, interesting. Seems like we had a Need for Speed the past week, to say the least. Often times I wonder if there will ever be a week where I struggle to find some weird things that happened in the past weeks, not sure if that time will …

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Guide: How to Spot a Tourist

Floridian tourist map

Ahhh tourism, the lifeblood of the Florida economy. As much as we Floridians would like to hate on tourists, it’s hard to deny the fact that without them, many of us would be out of a job. Think about it; hotels & resorts, amusement parks, beaches for miles, the list goes on. Put simply, Florida was born to host a …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 2

  Hello and welcome to our second round of “Florida’s Finest”. There is never a shortage of interesting events taking place throughout the state. It’s pretty evident that the “Florida Man” phenomenon is here to stay: Child Care with a Twist 24-year-old Whitney Kilcrease of Okaloosa County is facing neglect charges after she was found naked on the floor when …

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Florida’s Finest Volume 1

The sunshine state is notorious for their infamous “Florida Man” articles that seem to be growing exponentially. Is there something in the water? Or is it just the cold weather that’s been getting to Floridians this week that has caused an influx in strange occurrences? Read some most interesting “Florida Man” occurrences below: Snapchat Scandal Dionne Younce, age 28, was working …

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4 Crazy Myths About Living in Florida Debunked

There are many envious non-Floridians who know the beauty of The Sunshine State and would much rather spend their time on the beach than shovel snow. However, there are also many non-Floridians who constantly ask, “Why would you want to live in Florida”? Their motives derive from a list of preposterous assumptions that make Florida seem like a real-life Jurassic …

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