Florida’s Finest Vol. 5

Welcome to another week highlighting the strangest occurrences and most interesting Florida news. With spring upon us we’re sure to see the hot and humid weather of our beautiful state drive some locals mad.

  1. A Fair Deal

Austin James Love


A Florida drug dealer attempted to reach an agreement with Eustis PD, his proposal was to trade the combination to his safe as long as he could keep the money he had inside. After giving the police the five-digit combination, officers seized 74 grams of marijuana and $915 as evidence.

  1. Spelling Bee Runner-Up 1966

For years many have questioned the spelling of the streets in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. It wasn’t until just recently that the Planning and Zoning Commission looked over a request to change some of the spelling errors. Apparently 50-60 years ago, the man in charge of painting the street names had a bit of a drinking problem which apparently hindered his spelling abilities. Looks like the Florida Man syndrome has existed for quite some time…


  1. Moonshiners- Florida Edition

We’re just as shocked as you are that an Indian River man by the name of George “Speedy” Bresett would sell moonshine out of his taxidermy shop…actually, we’re not. The name is actually pretty fitting and the occupation suits the situation. Check out this real life Dukes of Hazzard occurrence here.

  1. Florida Man Attempts Castaway Reenactment

A banker from West Boca Raton is now facing federal charges a year after he faked getting lost at sea.

On March 31, 2015, set a rented, blood-stained fishing boat adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, used an inflatable boat to motor back to shore and then fled to Georgia in a pickup truck, according to a Palm Beach County sheriff’s report.

That triggered more than two days of rescuers searching by air and sea over 3,100 square miles for someone who had actually slipped away to a rented house in Albany, Ga. — all to try to escape mounting costs from a lawsuit, according to the report.- Sun Sentinel

He now faces felony charges for communicating false distress to the U.S. Coast Guard.

  1. Florida Needs a New Type of Super Hero…

Central Florida deputies have finally arrested a man who robbed several stores and businesses while dressed as Batman. The Dark Knight AKA Juan Carlos Nieves Morales was finally caught Friday night after striking again at a pizza shop.


  1. Mugshot of the Year


We have no clue what this man did, but this mugshot from the Broward County Sherrif’s office has the potential to be one of the best mugshot photos we’ve seen this year!

  1. Citizen’s Arrest

Do citizen’s arrests ever actually work? Former Massachusetts lawyer John L. Ciardi was really channeling his inner Florida Man persona when he attempted to citizen’s arrest a Key West stripper after she refused to have sex with him in return for the money he paid her, according to police. Read the full article here


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