Florida’s Finest Vol. 4

Ding Ding Ding!!! Let’s get ready to rumble!!! This week was nothing short of interesting in the news, Florida may not be getting any more normal but at least some of the stories will get a chuckle out of you. Without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s “Florida’s Finest”!

  1. Lucky Number 34

39-year-old Sammy Luciano is somewhat of a “Mugshot Celebrity”, if you will. Last weekend he was able to polish off his 34th arrest while driving a casual 110 mph in a stolen vehicle.

  1. “Get your plane off of my lawn”!!!

Don’t you just hate it when your neighbor’s dog goes to the bathroom in your yard and your neighbor doesn’t clean it up? If you think that’s bad, imagine having someone crash their plane in your yard, that’ll take more than a shovel and an old Publix bag to clean up. 62-year-old David Thomas crash landed into Richard Jackson’s yard in Orange Park, Florida at about 11:15 AM, watch the video to get the whole story!


  1. Bicycle hit and run

Donald Diguiseppi

27-year-old Donald Diguiseppi was arrested by Fort Pierce Police for throwing his bicycle at cars. He sealed the deal by spitting on an officer and later head-butting him. Click on the title to see the whole article!

  1. “My name is Three”

Florida man ransacks model home

Just looking at this guy’s face, it comes to no surprise that he would claim his name was “three” and a few other aliases. The man told police he was on some type of psychedelic drug which was the reason he destroyed a model home and urinated in the bathtub. After being caught by Jacksonville Police, he gave four different names when they tried to identify him. The names were Cecil, Randolph, Chance and Three.  Police posted the photo above on Facebook and got his real name within an hour. I like to think his name really was “Three”…


  1. Twins

22-year-old twins Matthew Summerall and Michael Summerall were charged with battery in Lehigh Acres, Florida after fighting eachother with a weed-eater and a fishing pole. I believe a rake was involved as well, that’s going to be an awkward family dinner…




Author: Nicholas Watkins


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