Florida’s Finest Vol. 2

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Hello and welcome to our second round of “Florida’s Finest”. There is never a shortage of interesting events taking place throughout the state. It’s pretty evident that the “Florida Man” phenomenon is here to stay:

  1. Child Care with a Twist

Whitney L. Kilcrease

24-year-old Whitney Kilcrease of Okaloosa County is facing neglect charges after she was found naked on the floor when she was supposed to be taking care of a young child. Apparently Captain Morgan’s Rum is to blame for the unconscious babysitter, although she doesn’t remember anything after she drank…what a surprise!

  1. Attorney General Gets into a Ruckus at Chili’s

Tejana Roy

A woman claiming to be The Attorney General of the United States was taken to jail after making a scene at a Chili’s Restaurant in Vero Beach. The woman, identified as Tejana Roy, then stated she was from Russia and she didn’t belong here. She then proceeded to say that she had immunity from the United States and was eventually arrested on an obstructing justice charge.

  1. Samurai Attacks Store Employee

I’ll let the video do the explaining on this one…supposedly his goal was to “kill all that was evil”

  1. Bringing a Fake Gun to a Real Gun Fight

Jarell Blackmon photo

24-year-old Pensacola man Jarell Blackmon attempted to rob a store with a fake gun. On his way out with some money and 10 cartons of cigarettes he was shot in the neck by the cashier. Blackmon was charged with armed robbery, grand theft, public order crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and resisting without violence. My guess is this is the last time this guy is going to try to rob a store…

  1. Locked in the Trunk

Florida Man Locked In Trunk Gets Busted For Possession

While looking for his keys in the trunk of his car, a 32-year-old Florida man locked himself in the trunk of his car. When a Monroe County Sheriff found the vehicle and heard a knocking from the trunk, he checked inside the vehicle and found some marijuana and a pipe in the glove compartment. What a day…

  1. Metal Detector Guy Finally Finds Something

It’s about time that one of those guys with a metal detector finds something at the beach. This lucky man found himself an active grenade in the shallow waters of Port Charlotte, check out the video:

  1. Something’s Fishy…

A Cooper City man was arrested last Wednesday after attempting to smuggle 11 packages of salmon in his backpack. When an employee approached him he threatened to stab the employee with a pen over the stolen salmon with a value of $164.67.

  1. Burglar Turned Breakfast

11-Foot Gator Eats Burglar

In Palm Bay, a 22-year-old was eaten by an 11 foot alligator while hiding from the Brevard County Sheriff after burglarizing a few homes.

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