4 Crazy Myths About Living in Florida Debunked

There are many envious non-Floridians who know the beauty of The Sunshine State and would much rather spend their time on the beach than shovel snow. However, there are also many non-Floridians who constantly ask, “Why would you want to live in Florida”? Their motives derive from a list of preposterous assumptions that make Florida seem like a real-life Jurassic Park full of senior citizens, stupid laws and landfills. Here’s a few of our favorite farfetched Florida descriptions we found on Reddit:



Florida is a “Swamp of horrors”

Yeah… alligators and snakes are dangerous. But for the most part, they’re more afraid of you than you are of them. Here’s a tip: don’t step on their homes and try to avoid putting your extremities near their mouths and you’ll most likely survive your trip to Disneyworld. The only REAL man-eater in Florida is a mosquito and its kryptonite exists in the form of a $5 can of OFF and a citronella candle. If the Florida wildlife really scares you that much, just look at the facts. The odds of getting struck by lightning are about 1:1,000,000 while the odds of being bitten by a shark are 1:11,500,000. Your move, out-of-staters.

Florida is “America’s retirement home”

We’ve got our fair share of retirees, but Florida is far from being a boring retirement home. Go to any of the big cities like Orlando, Miami or Tampa and you’ll quickly find out that Florida is the place to be for a young and eager person to have a good time. The night-life is out of this world and Florida boasts some of the most amazing beaches with some of the most attractive young people you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Go there on vacation, leave there on probation. Far too many wing nuts and wing nut laws in Florida for me

I have a hard time denying this one… If you’ve read any of our Florida Man articles there’s no surprise as to why you may think that Florida is a giant insane asylum. Stay away from the bath salts and other substances and there’s no reason for you to end up in prison. (Disclaimer: this is not a guarantee, we won’t post bail for you, don’t ask) As far as wing nut laws go, we have our fair share. But what state doesn’t? Sorry you can’t help keep yourselves from putting your hazards on in the rain…

Florida is an “absolute ****hole i hope to never have to go there again. gatorland was cool though”

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed your stay. Keep salting your roads while we sit back and salt our margarita glasses.




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  1. I hear these myths often living in the Northeast. It’s so annoying when people who know absolutely nothing about Florida say things like “I couldn’t live there, too many hurricanes”. But you live in a place with almost 8 months of winter, and where it gets cold enough to kill you within minutes.I only went through two hurricanes in the almost thirty years combined that I lived there. The weather almost always sucks up here. ??

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