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Florida Teen Set On Fire, Runs Down Street

florida teen is burned while attempting fire challenge

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Florida is widely known as one of the hottest states in country. With temperatures reaching highs of over 100 degrees at some points in the year, and summer-like weather spanning 6 months, the heat can make residents of the Sunshine State feel as if they are on fire at times. After yesterday, a Florida teen …

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Woman’s Sixth Sense Shuts Down I-95

Early Monday morning a woman in South Florida had a premonition that a bomb was planted in her car while traveling down Interstate 95. Here is the timeline of this bizarre story, 95 OPEN NB between Atlantic and woolbright person says a bomb in the car GREAT JOB PBSO AND FHP Clearing scene pic.twitter.com/l1gNRm7aBX — Johann Hoffend (@Chopper5WPTV) October 5, …

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14 Year Old Surfer Punches Shark, New Smyrna Beach

bloody hand from shark attack in new smyrna beach florida

The surf was up on the east coast of Florida this past weekend, and so were the shark fins. Notoriously known as the “Shark Bite Capital of The World”, New Smyrna Beach is a popular beach destination for locals and tourists. When you put hundreds of beach goers in a sharks home, the results are sometimes a little bloody. On …

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“Florida Man: The Movie” is a real thing and we love it

Florida Man documentary of a man drinking a beer

It’s safe to say life in Florida is a bit… different. Maybe it’s because “winter” means Christmas lights on palm trees, and going to the zoo means taking a walk through a local neighborhood. Or maybe it’s because a drive through Florida could mean the difference between finding yourself in little Havana, or a redneck’s paradise depending which street you …

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Homeless Man Begs For Art Supplies, Amazing Work

homeless man Jon Masters uses donations to paint master pieces in Florida

We’ve all seen them, whether it be on the side of the road, sleeping on a park bench or asking for money in a Publix parking lot, it’s no surprise to see a homeless person in Florida. Homelessness in Florida is a very controversial topic, and some cities have even attempted to eradicate the homeless population by making panhandling a …

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Florida Monkey Escapes Florida Man’s Home

Escape monkey in sanford florida on top of police car

This isn’t the usual story of a Florida man doing something absurd in a local neighborhood. Instead, the suspect of this case is a Florida monkey. That’s right, according to Wesh.com a pet monkey named Zeke escaped his cage in a Central Florida neighborhood on Monday morning. Just like a scene out of Jumanji, the monkey was found running through …

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8-ft Python Found In Flea Market Jeans

8 foot python found in Florida flea market pants

One of the many treasures of living in Florida is the expansive wildlife population. On any given day one could encounter bears, panthers, eagles, snakes, hogs, gators and just about anything else that would keep a parent from letting their kids play outside. The reason being that many of Florida’s homes were built in close proximity to wildlife habitats and …

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Flakka, New Street Drug Destroying Florida

New street drug Flakka found in Florida

FLAKKA! And no I’m not talking about Waka Flocka Flame, but rather a new street drug sweeping the area codes of South Florida. This new drug has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past year, leaving hundreds in hospitals. Flakka is essentially a more hardcore cousin of bath salts- remember the man that went full cannibal in Miami? Yeah. …

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Florida Man Thrown Out Of Bar, Swims To Another Bar, Gets Arrested

Mugshot of Florida man in front of a still shot of police sirens

What’s a guy supposed to do when he gets kicked out of his favorite bar? Logically speaking, he should probably call a taxi, go home, take a shower and re-evaluate his life. Lucky for us, this Florida man decided to take a different route… “On August 23rd, 29 year old Gregory Sorensen was kicked out of the Twisted Tuna restaurant …

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Father Brings 16 Year Old Daughter to Strip Club

Screenshot of cops shutting down Pink Pony Strip Club

One might think that an establishment titled as the “Pink Pony Club” would be great! Sounds like a combination of My Little Pony and Club Penguin or something. Well unfortunately this place isn’t even close to appropriate for kids. No, this isn’t a spin-off of Chuck-E-Cheese….it’s a strip club. Yup, this Florida man thought a strip club was the perfect …

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