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The Definitive Guide For Pokemon Go Hotspots in Florida

Pokemon pandemonium is still in full swing as the mobile app game Pokemon Go is still increasing in numbers with new players joining the game everyday, while there are some challenges that come along with playing in Florida, the craze has never been bigger. But for players who have been playing since the games debut, they have become experienced trainers as their collection of Pokemon in thier Pokedex has grown by finding the right places to trek out to and play the game.

One thing we learned from playing the mobile game is that Pokemon Go is not just about wandering around your city hunting Pokemon hoping you come across a high CP Charmander. If you want to get the full experience of what the game has to offer, it is the locations that you decide to play the game in that is important. Just be sure to stay off of private property so you don’t end up getting shot at

So to help you on your next Pokemon Go adventure, we have put together a definitive guide of hot spots all around Florida that offer Poke Stops, lures, and have a plethora of Pokemon that will turn you in a Poke Pro.




  • Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Autobahn Indoor Speedway has dropped lures around its go-kart track and also has a Poke Stop located inside. The indoor speedway is also offering 10% off to Pokemon Go players who are able to catch any type of Pokemon while inside the building!

  • Museum Of Science And History

During their $5 Friday special, Jacksonvilles Museum of Science and History hosts #PokeMosh, where Pokemon Go players are invited to the museum with the intention of bringing players together to check out some of the museums fascinating exhibits it has to offer.

  • Oceanfront Park

Located right on the beach, Oceanfront Park offers players three Poke Stops, a Gym, and lots of Pokemon to catch. It has become quite a popular spot in Jacksonville as hundreds of trainers check out Oceanfront Park everyday, some staying until the wee hours of the morning.


  • Cascades Park

The city of Tallahassee’s premiere park, Cascades Park is definitely one of the hot spots in North Florida to check out if you are a trainer. Besides its beautiful scenery, Cascades Park is loaded with all types of Pokemon and players are even able to save their smartphone data by connecting to it’s free wireless internet access. The park has even hosted a trainer meet-up called Pokemon In The Park, a free event that was open to the public.

  • Challenger Learning Center Of Tallahassee

The Challenger Learning Center Of Tallahassee has a Poke Stop inside and encourages trainers to catch Pokemon after they catch an epic sci-fi movie on their gigantic IMAX movie screen.

  • Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College offers a good amount of Poke Stops, and isn’t as big as some of Florida’s other major universities so it’s a good place to search for Pokemon without having to walk around a massive campus. Pokemon that have been caught around TCC include Eevee, Poliwag, Nidorans, Oddish, and Bulbasaur.

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