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The Definitive Guide For Pokemon Go Hotspots in Florida



  • Walt Disney World

With it’s massive influx of tourists and dedicated locals who own annual passes, it is only natural that Walt Disney World has become a major hub for everything that Pokemon Go has to offer. With all of Disney Worlds’ different parks offering all sorts of terrain, you can find just about every type of Pokemon here. Not to mention the many Poke Stops and lures that get dropped throughout the resort.

  • Leu Gardens

Home to 25 Poke Stops and 3 gyms, Leu Gardens is definitely a hot spot in Central Forida for Pokemon Go players. Leu Gardens is the perfect place to search for Pokemon while enjoying the majestic scenery of its epic landscape.

  • Gods & Monsters

Located inside of the Artegon Marketplace, Gods & Monsters is one of the biggest pop culture/comic book stores in the Orlando area. With 2 gyms, and 14 Poke Stops, the store is definitely not fooling around when it comes to Playing Pokemon Go.


  • Kissimmee Lakefront Park

Right outside of Orlando, Kissimmee offers it’s beautiful lakefront park on Lake Tohopekaliga where it has been officially taken over by Pokemon Go players. Pokemon are so heavily caught here that the Kissimmee Police Department had to send out a PSA telling players where to legally park due to unavailable spaces and how to play safely at night.

Saint Petersburg

  • Warehouse Arts District

Cruising around Saint Petersburg’s wondrous Warehouse Arts District while playing Pokemon go is not only great for finding Snorlax and Pikachu, but the journey can inspire your creative side with all of the stunning hand painted wall murals on the sides of all of it’s buildings and warehouses.

  • Largo Central Park

The 70-acre Largo Central Park just outside of Saint Petersburg has been reported to be a haven for Jiggypuff, Scyther, and Eevee. Make sure your smartphone is charged before you trek out to the park as outlets may be hard to find if your battery is low.

  • England Brothers Park

England Brothers Park In Pinellas Park is becoming a popular hot spot for trainers as big groups of players have been seen there catching Psyduck, Pikachu, Nidoran, Slowpoke, and even Ponyta.


  • Cypress Point Park

Cypress Point Park in Northwest Tampa is not only a great place to hike and picnic for the day, but it is also a great place to find Pikachu, Nidoqueen, Tentacool, Voltorb and even Jynx.

  • Ballast Point Park

Located in the Ballast Point neighborhood in Tampa, Ballast Point Park has been receiving a lot of attention from Pokemon Go players as there are a good number of Poke Stops within the park. But make sure to follow the rules and obey the parks hours as this is the same park where a police officer had use a Taser on a trainer who refused to leave after the park closed.

  • Busch Gardens

The Tampa area theme park Busch Gardens has invited Pokemon Go players to take advantage of its intricate and expansive landscape so trainers can fill their Pokdexs up with as many Pokemon as possible. More than 50 lure modules have been activated in many parts of Busch Gardens such as Jungala, Edge Of Africa, Stanleyville, Egypt, and Pantopia.

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