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The Definitive Guide For Pokemon Go Hotspots in Florida



  • Univeristy Of Miami

The University Of Miami’s large student population means lots of lures andlots of Poke Stops. It is also reported that UM is bountiful with all kinds of Pokemon to catch, as multiple students have caught Ponyta, Snorlax, Oddish, Slowpoke and Jigglypuff on the universities campus.

  • Flamingo Park & Pool

The 36 acre Flamingo Park in Miami is known to contain Lapras, as one local Miami newspaper reported seeing people jump out of their cars to run into the park and catch it. Flamingo Park also offers its public pool to cool you off after a long day off searching for Pokemon.

  • Bayfront Park

Right on Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami is Bayfront Park, where trainers have been able to catch classic Pokemon such as Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.


Coral Gables

  • Books & Books Cafe And Bookstore

You can browse Books & Books wide variety of new titles while re-upping on Pokeballs, eggs and potions as there is a Poke Stop right in the middle of their store.

  • Coral Gables Museum

With three Poke Stops located next to the Coral Gables Museum, it is definitely worth checking out its latest exhibition after collecting more supplies.

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