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Florida Woman Fighting To Keep 6 Foot Pet Alligator

A Florida woman, Mary Thorn, is working to keep her 125 pound pet alligator in her Lake City home.

Thorn is fighting the state to keep her trained pet alligator that wears clothes, rides motorcycles and lives in it’s own bedroom. Thorn’s 6-foot pet reptile has grown past Florida’s regulation size, forcing the woman to provide 2.5 acres of land for the animal to live on.

alligator sitting a desk

Rambo’s owner states,

“Everyone will tell you that I treat that animal like a baby. He doesn’t do anything a normal gator does.”

Thorn has raised the alligator for 11 years since she received Rambo at the age of four. She has spent many years domesticating and training her pet to wear full outfits, ride on her motorcycle and become an educational public figure.

alligator in a santa suit

Often seen in various t-shirts, Santa outfits and motorcycle riding gear this alligator is far from the ordinary pet. Rambo is well-known in the Lake City area for attending charity fundraisers and community service events to teach young Floridians about reptiles.

Thorn said,

“He loves kids, and when kids come around he shuts his mouth really tight so fingers can’t go in his mouth. I have been given permission to have the reptile out and about without its snout taped shut.”

While fighting with Florida’s Wildlife Commission, Thorn is looking for someone with proper licensing to take care of Rambo. The alligator is sensitive to sunlight and Thorn is worried that the reptile may not survive if he is not properly cared for.

The Lake City resident hopes to be grandfathered into the ordinance, which would not require her to relocate Rambo. Thorn hopes to continue educating children at local elementary schools and bringing smiles to people’s faces around the state of Florida.

We hope the issue is resolved and Thorn is able to live happily in her home with her pet alligator.

Do you think Rambo should be removed from this Florida woman’s home? Comment below!

p.s. I wonder if Rambo and Thorn are Gators fans?

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  1. Absolutely this gator should be removed… this isn’t her kid. It’s a wild animal that should be tread with some decency and respect. This woman is a compete moron and clearly doing this for attention.

  2. At the very least, since it probably would not or could not survive in the wild, be put into a refuge where it can swim in a designated pond or lake, and be trained to hunt for it’s own etc. This is a wild animal and should be allowed as much as it can at this stage of the game, to be one.

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