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Find Out Where Florida Ranks For Worst Drivers In America

Florida was recently named a winner. No, unfortunately we did not win any professional sports championships (again). Florida was titled as the state with “The Worst Drivers In The Nation”.

Surprised? Neither are we.

A recent study from SmartAsset has confirmed this fact that we have all been denying for years. The research collected included driving statistics such as the number of drivers on the states’ highways, DUI arrests, driving fatalities, percentage of insured drivers, and internet search results for traffic infractions.

Map of worst drivers in America

Floridians apparently think they are invincible, and the insurance data proves it. Drivers in Florida rank as the second lowest number of insured drivers at 76.2%. Take a look around at the next stop light and guess which one out of the four automobiles are not insured. Hint: it might be the truck held together with duct tape, sporting a cardboard license plate.

The study shows that Floridians also ranked highest in Google searches for “Driving Tickets”. Scoring nearly 20 points above the average for traffic infraction keyword searches, Floridians tend to collect quite a few tickets.

But who can blame us? With Florida’s clogged highway system, Floridians tend to drive a little faster than the average American. You have to understand, Floridian drivers often get irritated by minivans headed south on I-75 and I-4 with “Next Stop: Disney!” slogans plastered on their rear windows. There’s nothing worse getting stuck behind a Publix tractor trailer and an out-of-state license plate going 15 mph below the speed limit. There may not be data to prove that last statement, but it is personal experience from a true Floridian.

On the positive side, Florida ranks below the average for the amount of DUI arrests and highway fatalities. Maybe that’s because we choose to ride our beach cruisers after a few margaritas rather than hopping behind the wheel of a car, but we can’t answer that for sure. Once again, we’re not the scientists, that’s just personal experience.

Chart of the worst drivers in America

If these facts (and Floridian experience opinions) don’t make want to buckle up your seat belt, and put two hands on the wheel, I don’t know what will- Just be careful not to burn yourself in the process!

P.S. Floridians, please learn to use your blinker. Thank you.

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