Two people Fight in Tampa Publix deli over chicken dispute

Publix Chicken Fight Caught On Camera

Imagine this- you’re waiting in line at the Publix deli, frothing at the mouth, as you wait for your number to be called. The customer two green slips ahead of you is creating a hold up as long as I-4 traffic during rush hour. He begins causing a scene, arguing with the deli employee over a box of fried chicken. She is not just any Publix employee, but the one that makes your chicken tender sub with extra love and care every time. What do you do?

You would probably react the same way Leon Travis Lightbody did on Sept. 16 at a local Tampa Publix. Lightbody, 25, attacked Raleigh Harris, 59, after a dispute with the Publix deli employee.

According to Fox 13 News,

“Temple Terrace police confirmed that Raleigh Harris, 59, was ordering chicken at the deli counter when he got into a verbal altercation with a Publix employee. Leon Travis Lightbody, 25, overheard the conversation and took offense to it, police said, and that’s when the fists started flying.
Photo Fight breaks out in Temple Terrace Publix deli
Jordan said other random shoppers also got involved in the brawl. The video shows Publix workers trying to break it up.
Jordan said when she realized no one was calling for help, she dialed 911. Harris was injured in the fight and Lightbody was charged with simple battery.
A spokesman for Publix said no one was seriously hurt in the incident. “That’s not a normal thing to happen at any Publix,” said Brian West.”

“That’s not a normal thing to happen at any Publix,” you’re right, Brian. It’s not. Save this kind of behavior for Winn-Dixie or Wal-Mart.

Although it appears that Lightbody is the aggressor, I don’t blame him for his actions. Publix’s deli employees are like a second mother, and no body messes with my mother. Harris probably wasn’t aware of the coupon for the free knuckle sandwich when you disrespect a Publix employee- he seemed to be quite surprised on his total savings for the day.

It’s safe to say Raleigh Harris’s shopping experience was not a pleasure that day.


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  1. Its like that at my local Publix…everytime you take a number people get really annoyed and the employees there take their time…and the quality of Publix subs have plummeted

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