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What Your Floridian Bumper Sticker Says About You – Part 2


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Florida bumper stickers are a unique bunch, here is another truth bomb about the meanings behind these bumper stickers:

Ron Jon Surf Shop

“Yea, I surf, bro.” Look out for small sedans with soft-sided surfboards attached to the roof, flopping in the wind, and you’ll see this sticker proudly displayed on their rear bumper. Usually traveling from inland toward the coast, this Floridian driver is trying to make it to the swells on a Saturday morning. Usually not very experienced with driving or surfing, or driving with a surfboard on the roof of their car, this Floridian should be avoided at all costs on the highway. Be sure to throw them a hang loose shakka as you pass them in the left lane.

House Divided

“The Native Floridian Parent” This driver is a proud parent of students that couldn’t agree on attending the same college in Florida. With seven major universities in Florida this sticker can be made in many different combinations. This retired parent is probably headed to the beach for some relaxation and time away from hearing which college campus is better. The only thing holding this family together is the bumper sticker showing acceptance of their differences. No matter what schools this bumper sticker is representing, there isn’t a bad college choice in Florida!

Disney Annual Pass Holder

“A Very Goofy Family” This family caravan identification sticker is often paired with Disney movies playing on the headrest TVs, and the whole car wearing Mickey Mouse ears. These die hard Disney fans usually aren’t in a rush since they frequently visit the amusement parks. If you want to stay safe on the highway set the cruise control at the speed limit and coast behind this Floridian driver.

Disney Annual Pass holder bumper sticker

Peace, Love, 4Rivers

“I Love Florida and BBQ” This driver is probably as good as they get in Florida. Fans of this BBQ joint are just as great as the restaurant they are representing. Cooking up some of the best BBQ in the state, this Florida-based restaurant has taken the Sunshine State by storm. If you’ve never experienced 4Rivers, follow this driver to the nearest location and you’ll understand why they have this bumper sticker.

Peace, love, 4rivers bumper sticker on the back of a car

Orlando City Soccer

“I’m From Central Florida”. If the out-of-state license plates and European tourists driving on the wrong side of the road don’t give away the fact that you’re approaching Central Florida, this purple shield is sure to let you know. Orlando City Soccer has painted the city purple with their infamous car magnets over the past two years. The soccer team’s free promotional stickers are stuck on cars around I-4 for miles. This driver has probably never been to an Orlando City game, but they’re from the 407 and they want you to know it.

Car with Orlando City Soccer magnets on it

Next time you’re on the road keep an eye out for these unique Florida bumper stickers. Which Floridian bumper stickers are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Read Floridian Bumper Stickers- Part 1

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  1. You need to add 30a bumper sticker. They are ALL OVER.

  2. I find it so interesting how much bumper stickers say about us! The different stereo-types that we give people when they put a certain decal on their car is surprising to me. I have a few stickers in the back window of my truck, and I’ve been looking for a few more, so finding out what different stickers say about you to people is pretty neat to me. I’ll be sharing this with some friends who are also in the market for some new decals!

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