sign warning boaters of leaping fish

Florida Man Knocked Out Cold by Leaping Florida Fish

A warm day in Chiefland, Florida made the weather perfect for a day of fishing. As spring starts to rear its head many like to enjoy outdoor activities as the water warms up.

It was a supposed to be a fun filled day for 62-year-old Florida Man Ronald Dick, he was competing in a fishing tournament with his son when it happened…

Mr. Dick was going 30 mph in his boat when a 4 to 5 foot sturgeon leaped out of the water and struck him in the head, knocking him unconscious. He was brought to the hospital and had no life-threatening injuries.

In true Florida fashion, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that last year there were eight injuries and one death from leaping sturgeon, these fish are outright insane.

They still haven’t found the fish responsible and there is currently a warrant out for it’s arrest, please notify local authorities if you see this criminal in your waters.

Please share this article to spread awareness and bring this outlaw to justice.

– via the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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