florida man who woke up from a coma and requested taco bell

Florida Man Wakes from Coma, First Words: “I Want Taco Bell”

In today’s edition of “Priorities” we’ve got a Florida man who was craving the luxurious taste of fast food tacos after waking up from a 48 day coma.

Jake Booth has served his days as an Army Veteran and sheriff’s deputy and suffered from a heart attack after being admitted into the hospital for pneumonia.

After doctors pondered whether or not Jake would recover from this coma, he managed to wake up. His first words were, “I want Taco Bell”. Quite frankly, he deserves it and his wish came true.

He is still facing a long road to recovery with a lot of therapy ahead, his brother has started a GoFundMe to help cover expensive medical costs. I’m now declaring May 16 as, “Buy a Veteran a Taco Day”. Show the man some love and donate at the link below:

Buy Jake Booth a Taco


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