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10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

Florida’s population is diverse enough for the state to be it’s own country. The Sunshine State has always been a zoo of cultures dating back to it’s founding years. Florida has been controlled by Spain, Great Britain, the Confederacy, France and the United States in it’s history.

These cultural roots are still reflected in modern day Florida all across the state. One of the most prevalent cultures, Florida’s rednecks, comes from the history of Confederacy control. Often seen in lifted trucks covered in mud, jamming to country music in a Wal-Mart parking lot – rednecks are usually found in the region between Miami and Orlando.

RoadSnacks.com has recently created an algorithm to reveal the most redneck cities in Florida. The equation takes in account for factors such as distance to stores like Walmart and Bass Pro Shops, number of dive bars near the city and size of local mobile home parks. After some number calculations and stereotypical redneck data crunching, scientists have found the answer to the question,

The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Florida

(Out of all 206 cities in Florida with populations under 25,000)

  1. Okeechobee
  2. Clewiston
  3. Arcadia
  4. Starke
  5. Inverness
  6. Quincy
  7. Brooksville
  8. Perry
  9. Westville
  10. Mascotte


As comedian Jeff Foxworthy always says, “You might be a redneck if…” you live in one of these cities in Florida.

In their recent study, RoadSnacks.com calculated the top 150 most redneck cities in Florida. More information on how they calculated these numbers, and the complete list of the most redneck cities in Florida can be found here. These calculations are based off facts, opinions and data calculations but should not be taken seriously. 

source: http://www.roadsnacks.net/most-redneck-places-in-florida/

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  1. What…??? Not Ocala????? Where the County government flies the Confederate Flag each day????????????

  2. Robb Brush makes Inverness a liberal turdhole.

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