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10 Best Cities To Live In Florida


From swampland to white sand beaches, Florida has a very diverse living area. Although the weather is unpredictable, exotic animals roam neighborhoods and majority of the people are absolutely insane, Florida is a pretty great place to live. That statement is proven by the thousands of Northerners that flock to The Sunshine State every year. Although these snowbirds reside in the land of paradise for only a few weeks per year, there are actually some great cities in Florida to live full time. In fact, 20 million Floridians call this unique state their home. Here is a list of the 10 best cities to live in Florida.

1. Deerfield Beach

Located a few miles North of Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach is dissected by Interstate 95 creating and east and west section. Low crime, coastal weather and beautiful beaches make Deerfield a top choice city to live in Florida. Deerfield Beach is named after the wild deer that once inhabited the local area.

2. Boca Raton

You can’t argue the allure landscaping and serenity South Florida has to offer. Boca Raton is a strong representation of Florida’s culture. Miles of palm trees and coastal water ways lead to the powder sand beaches of Boca. This area is home to countless celebrities and affluent residents, where Mercedes’ and Jaguar’s are the common daily driver. Often compared to the retirement home of Florida, life can be a little slower in this area filled with senior citizens and snowbirds.

3. Cape Coral

Directly west from Boca Raton lies Cape Coral on the Gulf Coast. Cape Coral is as close to a Utopia as one will find in Florida. Developed in 1957, Cape Coral was pre-planned and built to plans of a man-made community, creating a “perfect” city. With more canals than any city in the world, 400 miles to be exact, Cape Coral is known as the “Waterfront Wonderland”. If you like boats, low crime rates and quality education, Cape Coral is your city.



4. Clearwater

Wedged between Tampa Bay and The Gulf of Mexico you’ll find Clearwater, Florida. Home to one of Florida’s most notable beaches, Clearwater Beach, this coastal town is a popular vacation spot. Though this paradise vacation spot is a top choice for out of state visitors, many residents call Clearwater home. Close to the University of Tampa, the University of South Florida and the city of Tampa, Clearwater is a great suburban area without the big city feel of Tampa. Spend one day on the coast of Clearwater and the salty air will persuade you how great of a city this area is.

5. Sanibel

Love the Florida beaches, but hate the crowds of people? Sanibel is your answer. Sanibel is a small island community located due west of Fort Meyers, across the Gulf of Mexico. Sand dollars and unique shells are so abundant they could be the currency of this serene city. There are so many shells littered on the beaches, that if Sally were to sell sea shells by the sea shore, she would go bankrupt. Known for it’s beautiful beaches, low population and near perfect weather, Sanibel, Florida is the dream beach town.

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  1. Thanks for this nice article! I prefer the East Coast of Florida! This is why I relocated to Pompano Beach some time ago to live at
    . I’ve been living in St Pete’s for several years before moving to the East and I also liked living there but this is what I was waiting for 🙂

  2. Deerfield over Boca? That’s crazy. There is nothing to do in Deerfield. It’s a “pass through” town.

  3. Witamin C ?? Not D?

  4. Gang, Boca Raton is next to Deerfield Beach to the North. And Tom, Pompano Beach is next to Deerfield Beach to the South. They belong to one huge megalopolis that stretches from North of West Palm Beach all the way South of Miami. I love all three of those cities and grew up in those cities, but there is not a big difference between them.

    • Actually, there’s quite a bit of difference between them. Boca is nice but expensive. Deerfield (Beach area) is young and fun. Pompano (Beach area) has made major improvements lately and looks really nice, but has not always been very safe and has not much to do.

  5. Your joking right

    Cape Coral really!? Guess who ever wrote this has never been there

    • The Cape is a great place to live full time and part time. Waterfront living is amazing and affordable. Not every place is for everyone it’s obvious certain age groups may feel the Cape is boring but every place is like that, depending on your age group it’s either too boring or too wild. But if your comparing locations the Cape offers beautiful land, homes and communities with great access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment both by car and water, and it’s affordable and friendly. I live, work and sell Cape Coral. MarZia

    • No joke…it’s one of the safest cities in Florida

  6. Palm Beach Gardens for me!

  7. Lighthouse point here.

  8. GOOD….I’m thankful Bryan (the writer) doesn’t know about Jensen Beach….we’ll keep it our little secret

  9. I lived in Florida twice, Naples and Lighthouse point. Hated it both times. The weather is inhumane, humid and constantly rains. Not to mention the lack of intelligence riddled throughout the state. You Floridiots can keep it. I’m staying in California.

  10. Clearwater is the best!!! HANDS DOWN

  11. Interesting list. I moved to Jacksonville to be in windsor-falls and its been great. i visited clearwater and cape coral and it wasn’t for me. but it must be for someone. lol

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