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8 Reasons Florida is the Best State in the US

We all love the states that we come from, but seriously, Florida is one of the best states in the USA. Are we biased? Sure. Do we have a reason to be? Hell yes. We know you’re going to start listing off the fact that it’s known as an “old people” state, but if you push yourself past the retirees, then you’ll be able to see the gems and treasures that make up Florida. Here are the 6 reasons why Florida is the best state in the US.

We’re a two season state

When we mean two seasons, we mean two weeks of winter and the rest of the year summer. What’s not to love about that? Most of us don’t own a pair of snow pants or a pair of gloves – there’s no need! Ask us how many bathing suits we own, though… that’s a whole different answer.

Beaches, beaches, beaches

You can spend your whole summer traveling around Florida and explore all the magnificent beaches that Florida offers. Here are our favorites


Need we say more? Possibly the best grocery store in the states – with the best subs hands down.

Hidden Springs

It may not look like it, but Florida has amazing natural springs. Actually, we have almost 900 freshwater springs in Florida – ranging from small, to Silver Springs, the largest spring in Florida. If you’re adventurous, these springs also have underwater caves. Yeah, exactly.


Miami Heat

No, not the weather, we mean the basketball team. Although our holy father Dwayne Wade just left us, we still have a lot to be proud of.

Happiest Place on Earth

We all love the happiest place on earth. And in Florida, we have it. Disney World. Oh, don’t forget the other parks that Florida has. You can hit up an amusement park in Orlando any time of the year and experience Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, LEGOLAND – need we say more? Sure, it’s more of a tourist destination, however, everyone in Florida has been to one of these parks at least once – it’s like a right of passage.


We have a great selection of craft beer in Florida. Our breweries produce some of the most popular craft beers such as Cycle Brewing, Tequesta Brewing, and Swamp Head Brewery. So put your Colt 45 down, and pick up a real bottle of beer.


Yeah, we didn’t forget the oranges, and neither did you – especially since we provide the whole country with oranges. And since oranges are the highest consumed fruit in the USA, we know you love it.

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  1. Florida is no longer the best state in US.
    Because it’s overcrowded

  2. I’d go along w/ most of these, but the beer? Are you kidding me. Substitute the orange juice.–Carol Sheffer*

  3. Actually, “The Happiest Place on Earth” is Disneyland (California). “Where Dreams Come True” or “The Most Magical Place on Earth” would be WDW.

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