Okeechobee Fest to Bring Thousands of Floridians Together This March

  Okeechobee Music Festival (OMF) is back for their 3rd year on March 1-4th, 2018. Thousands of Floridians are set to “enter the portal” and set up camp in Sunshine Grove, FL for their biggest festival yet. March brings beautiful weather, and Okeechobee Music Festival is set to take full advantage. After two successful years Okeechobee has proven to be …

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DIY Halloween Costumes: Floridian Edition

Fall has officially begun in Florida, and Halloween is just days away. In true Halloween spirit we have put together a list of the funniest and “spookiest” Floridian Halloween costume ideas of 2017. All of these costumes are DIY, and guaranteed to get laughs or screams from all true Floridians. 1. Florida Man The “Florida Man” costume is the ultimate …

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Hurricane Irma Interactive map

Tracking Hurricane Irma: Interactive Map

Hurricane Irma is quickly approaching The Sunshine State as a category 4 hurricane with expected land fall as early as Sunday morning. We have included an interactive map with the most accurate forecast including wind speed, direction and rainfall to help keep Floridians informed. This is one of the largest hurricanes in Florida’s history, making preparation for the storm imperative. …

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Hurricane Irma Drinking Game

The Official Hurricane Drinking Game: Hurricane Irma Edition

Hurricane Irma is quickly approaching the Sunshine State and Floridians are preparing to hunker down for the next few days. As true Floridians know, hurricanes are just another reason to have a party as we wait for the storm to pass. After you finish all the necessary preparations such as throwing your lawn furniture in the pool, and securing the …

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Mother Nature Found Drunk In Florida During Spring Break

Mother Nature was found in Florida today passed out drunk on the beach. She was found in possession of cold weather, cloudy skies and a plane ticket from the Northern states. The suspect was reportedly visiting The Sunshine State from the North East and did not know where she was. Mother Nature was highly intoxicated and disoriented, but seemed to …

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Floridian Drinking Game: Tourist Spotting Edition

The month of March has arrived in Florida and so has the beautiful weather. Along with the prime beach weather of the spring season comes thousands of out-of-state tourists and snowbirds migrating to The Sunshine State. As our Northern visitors clog the highways, clear the sunscreen shelves and takeover our favorite beach spots there isn’t much we can do but …

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Quiz: How Floridian Are You?

MThink you’re a full-blooded Floridian? Put your Florida knowledge to the test with this Floridian lifestyle quiz. Find out if you’re a Yankee, Transplant, Local or Floridian Native based off this hilarious quiz! Share the results with your Floridian friends and put them to the test. [ads 2]

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picture of ultra music festival

Every Floridian Needs to Visit Miami in March, Here’s Why

If you’re looking to mix things up and have a weekend to spare next month, you need to plan a trip to Miami. The perfect weather during this time of year makes it a hotspot for amazing events and celebrations with plenty of food, music, art, movies and drinks to go around. The rich culture of Miami brings in a …

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Infographic for Florida natives

You Might Be A Floridian If…

Florida. The Sunshine State. America’s very own sauna. If you were fortunate enough to grow up in such an emotionally unstable state, you know that second statement could not be further from the truth. If you understand that much, you will definitely be nodding your head as you read through the rest of these. You might be a Floridian if…. Knowing the …

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Floridian Valentine's Day Cards

Floridian Valentine’s Day Cards- 17 Ways To Say I Love You From Florida

Florida isn’t always the most loving state. With tourists clogging the highways, inconsistent weather patterns and crazy criminals it’s easy to forget to show Floridians how much we love each other. We decided to make Valentine’s Day easy this year and craft some creative Floridian Valentine’s Day cards to spread the love in The Sunshine State. Take a look at …

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